I am Back

Hello Hueligans! I am back to Huel again. I stopped for different reasons a couple of years ago. I still was on the mailing list and I got very curious about the Hot&Savoury and of course the flavour HB Cinnamon Swirl.

I am using it for a couple of weeks now and I love the cinnamon flavour (I do add a little extra cinnamon :wink: ). I tried it first with only water, but I want to try it with espresso and almond milk next time.

I was a little sceptical about the Hot&Savoury, I had similar with another brand and I wasn’t a big fan. But of course I am curious and gave H&S Madras (I love spicy food) a try. The first bite was meh, needed to get use to the texture, but the more I ate I actually like it. Anyone else had this when first trying it? For the next delivery I ordered the Mexican Chilli. I can’t wait to try that one, since it’s labeled as one of the favourites.

The plan is to replace two meals a day with Huel in combination with IF 16/8. Anyone else have experience with this? Like to hear some stories & some tips are always welcome. :blush:

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Huel stuff works really well with IF. I assume by replacing two meals a day, you mean having Huel products a few times a day, and then a normal dinner. The biggest issue I have found with it is restricting eating to 8 hours means you end up eating a lot in work, as you can’t eat before and after work. That’s where the convenience of Huel really helps, as bringing two pre-prepared regular meals into work is a chore, and you need to take two breaks to actually eat them.

If you do it in the usual high protein way, and high calories around workouts, Huel makes that a lot easier as well!

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Welcome back @Corina :hearts:

Cinnamon Swirl is one of my favourite flavours across the Huel range, although I do also add a little extra Cinnamon too! even to my RTD :joy:

I think with most things, especially nutritional products it can take getting used to, my favourite grain-based H&S is the Thai Green Curry and Korma as I enjoy the coconutty-ness they both have.

But my all-time favourite H&S that I recommend to everyone is the Pasta Bolognese :heart_eyes: I can’t get enough of it and definitely worth trying if you’re a pasta fan!

Again, welcome back and if you need anything or have any questions feel free to ask away!

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You sure have a lot of favourites miss

I could write a book to be honest Lee

Thanks for the reply. I have IBS and I found out years ago that IF16/8 helps. My work hours are very irregular. Like for example yesterday I worked from 6pm-12am and this morning I started at 10am. Every shift is different and that’s actually the reason why I started with Huel again, otherwise I will skip meals or eat unhealthy things. I also don’t always have breaks during weekend shifts so I’ve to eat at my desk. I ordered with the new delivery also the Huel Complete Protein. So very curious about that one.

Thank you. I love the cinnamon, I going to try it today with an espresso shot. Every month I am going to try a new H&S, the Thai Green Curry is next on my list. I am curious about the pasta because I am a pasta fan, but unfortunately it’s not gluten free.

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Wow, starting 10 hours after finishing is brutal, especially if you have a commute. I have respect for people who can make that sort of job work.

I assume you must do IF 16/8 at different times each day? Do you find it still works doing it that way? I know people who do IF talk endlessly about ghrelin and how it teaches you to be hungry at a specific time each day, so you don’t feel hungry before the end of the 16 hours.
That said, I sort of ended up doing IF by accident, although I have read Martin Berkhans book. I have a relatively late breakfast and an relatively early dinner, which is normally in an 8 hour period. And I feel fine eating in an 8 hour period some days and a 12 hour period other days. I guess for some (me) it just doesn’t matter much.

Sounds like Huel could be a great fit for you though. If you need a healthy meal that you can prepare in a minute and eat in a minute, you can’t really do better in my opinion. I often have back to back meetings in my job, so the difference between being able to eat a meal in a minute and eat a meal in ten minutes can be the difference between eating or not!

I find Huel Complete Protein is great. I do relatively low carb and relatively high carb days, and complete protein is great for the high carb days, in conjunction with the “Essential Huel” (the low cost one) it means you can really minimise fat on those days. And it’s obviously great if you are eating a lot of “normal” food that is low protein, and you just use it as protein powder.

The things I would say about Complete Protein -
It’s much more filling per calorie than other types of Huel, which can be good or bad, depending on your aims.
It “seems” more expensive than other types of Huel (it is per calorie), but if you work out cost per amount of protein, it’s about the same really, and easier to buy in bulk, as the overall amount you need to buy to get the bulk discount is less.
It says on the website you need to have it within 30 minutes after adding water (the other types say 24 hours), but that’s just a taste thing, rather than affecting nutrition. Personally, I just make mine at the start of the day, and often have it 12 hours later, and honestly, I had never even noticed a taste issue until I read the 30 minute thing. I still don’t notice it now.
Also, do not have a day of just Complete Protein. TRUST ME ON THIS. Huel don’t recommend it as a meal replacement like the other types, and it’s designed so that a 105 calorie portion of Complete Protein (a scoop) gives about the same nutrition (vitamins, fibre etc) as a scoop or the other types, which are 200 calories. I do not have IBS, and my stomach still did not deal well with a day of just Complete Protein. I learnt this, so you don’t have to.

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I eat at the same time every day. 12pm, 4pm, 8pm. Sometimes when I order food at work I do 2pm, 6pm and 10pm, and that means I have the evening/night shift and at work we always eat at 6pm. So very Dutch. For me that’s too early, but what can I do? Now I decided just to prep my meals instead of ordering at work. I like the Protein I use it on days when I go to the gym.