Lockdown weight loss + Huel

Hi all. I’m new.

During lockdown I have completely let go of all my good habits and have been getting too comfortable with ordering takeaway (it’s become a weekly thing when it used to be a “once every two months” habit)

I’ve gained a lot of weight, I’m also 38 on Thursday and have been feeling horribly unhealthy, heavy, sluggish. My job is very emotionally demanding too (no furlough for me!) and work has been busier than ever so on my days off/weekends I would just have zero motivation to cook and would reach for the food delivery apps. This is the reason I want to try Huel. Firstly, to help me reach for quick healthy meals during my shift (I’m an intermittent faster) but it’s only healthy if I’m eating all my calories with healthy food not my local Chinese :frowning: . Secondly, I want to lose the excess fat. Thirdly, I just love the sound of the product. I’ve been considering Huel for some time now but when I saw the H&S line I knew I needed to try this. For work, I used to stock up on Naked Noodles but it just didn’t leave me feeling healthy at all but it was convenient and healthy-ish?

Sorry, long story. The short version is I want to lose the excess fat and be not as hungry by dinner time so I have the energy and motivation to get back to healthy cooking.

I bought a black edition vanilla and three bags of the H&S to get me started. :slight_smile:

I absolutely loved how easy it was to navigate the site, really great experience so far AND how quickly it got dispatched and it’s due to get delivered in an hour. (I made my purchase yesterday)

Has anyone had any good experiences losing fat/weight? Especially if you’re female, over 38 and only just getting back to being physically active.

Thank you!


Welcome! I’ve been using Huel for ages and still can’t get over how quickly it arrives after ordering!

I’ve used Huel to lose weight and I’d recommend weighing your Huel if possible, especially if counting calories. I find that if I scoop without weighing then I’m usually using 100g or more rather than 90g. Not the end of the world but it all adds up.

Hope you enjoy your first Huel meal!

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I actually ordered some Huel last night about 7pm and it was delivered at 10.30 am today. Sunday.

I’ve never ordered on a Saturday before…and especially as it was that late I expected it to arrive Monday or even Tuesday. I didn’t know the fulfillment centre worked round the clock.


Not female but I’m soon to be 46.

Lost, well I do t know really I gave up caring after I lost nearly 3 stone which moved the needle from being perilously close to obese, all the way through overweight into normal.

Also blood pressure normalised and generally a wellness increase. I used Huel black and bars, I still use huel, not for weightless though, but more fat loss. Body composition and all that. Can’t find all of the screenshots and the battery is dead on my scale at the moment but this one should give you a vague idea of loss/timeframe etc that I experienced. Just be aware that I’m a tall chap so the numbers may seem big but it’s ok!

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Meh, not the right one, I’m a bit lighter than that now but struggling to navigate my image files lol. Really must get those sorted out.

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That’s a bit better - still can’t find the latest ones tho but anyway you get the idea. Just remember that everyone’s body will react differently. It’s not about goals or end destinations, it’s about helping develop generally healthier habits and huel is a great (and cost effective if you use the powder a lot!) way to do that.

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Thank you. These are really helpful tips. Can I ask what app you use to track please?

This is really helpful! I’ll make sure to weigh my scoops. Thanks!

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It’s just an app that you download that connects to the scales I bought via Bluetooth - wasn’t hugely expensive scales, probably completely unnecessary but fun to have a record of it. Cost me about £25-30 I think?

Just from Amazon - the one I have is called Renpho but there’s loads of different kinds, some cheaper some more expensive etc.

Oh and drink plenty of water. Higher fibre intake will mean your body will likely need proper hydration. I usually keep a jug of water chilling in the fridge and a few old bottles of squash so can always have chilled squash (calorie free, again Amazon is your pal here lol) whenever in fancy it.

You’ll be fine, a lot is just trial and error really.

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I’m the same age and female. I found when I first started Huel 3-4 years ago, and when I restarted after a year or so without it, that I had more energy and didn’t snack. Combined with the fact that more energy made it easier for me to become more active, I did lose weight.

You’ve probably seen it on the forums, but general advice is not to go 100% Huel straightaway, and ditto the recommendation to drink plenty of water! Good luck :slight_smile:


I use this one with my scales:


Ah good one Colin, I thought it was you, didn’t you manage to find a much better deal on scales than I did too?


I ended up with these:


Hey there, welcome to the forum :slight_smile: so great to have you here and see you reading lots. There are loads of great tips all over the forum.

Your lifestyle sounds super intense with your job, and can totally relate to the feeling of busyness leading to lack of motivation. Don’t be too hard on yourself, I am a big advocate of starting small, getting one foot in the door of success and showing yourself that you can do it, even just a little bit, and those healthy tweaks to your lifestyle slowly becoming habit. Perhaps that one healthy meal won’t move the needle on your goals, but I think mentally it will do loads. You’ve got this :blush:

If you haven’t already, check out our site, we have a load of great nutrition articles written by our nutrition team. There’s a whole section of articles on losing weight. I would recommend checking out the first 3:

Hope this helps, keep us posted on how you are getting along. As you’ll read in 'How to stay motivated…" people are more likely to follow a weight loss plan if they have support from others. :wave:

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Welcome to the forum! I’m a 33yo woman also using Huel as part of weight loss. My biggest tip is to work on your ‘NEAT’ (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) which basically means keep moving even when you’re not doing a workout. My issue is that I haven’t seen much weightloss, and that is partly down to me spending 14 hours a day in front of a computer. One hour in the gym can’t cancel out that inactivity.

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I’m sure I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong here (usually am wrong) but just to double check on this, you’re aware that losing weight is like 80% done in the kitchen right?

Exercise brilliant for all sorts of reasons including of course weight loss but there’s an old adage that you can’t outrun a bad diet.

It’s an oversimplification, I guess, but so long as you are ensuring that your calories out exceed your calories in, you will lose weight. Doesn’t actually matter what form those calories come in, technically, (obviously it does from a health perspective) but as the infamous “twinkie diet” experiment demonstrated, CICO is key. Exercise helps but won’t burn anywhere near as much as you either think it will or need it to.

(awaits everyone else on the forum and the huel staff to shout at him for being wrong)


Yeah I would agree with you. 2 scoops could be 100 or even 120 grams if you are not using a scale. I bought a scale from Amazon for less than £10 and I now use it to accurately measure 90grams of Huel for each of my meal.

This is not the first story about how quarantine has affected people Many have noticed that without activity they gain weight. And it’s true, a body without activity loses its shape. You need discipline, eliminate fast carbs, eat enough protein, carbs, and fats. Add sports and activity.