Hello - New to Huel



Been a lurker on the forum for a few weeks and so thought I’d post to say hello!

I ordered a starter pack, with Vanilla and Berry powder. Also added the flavour samples.

Planning on using Huel so I know what I am eating per day and lose a bit of weight!

I usually skip breakfast, typically have a large and unhealthy sandwich, McDs, or similar for lunch, and then don’t really think about what I am eating in the evening. A few takeaways a week, plus snacking on crisps, chocolates and sugary snacks has led to an ever increasing weight (19st 3lbs).

I’m coming up to the end of my first 4 weeks, and typically have been having 2 x 75g of Huel per day to replace my previously non existent breakfast and lunch at work. I mix it so it is quite thick and have had no problems with the shaker getting it smooth. Make it the night before and pop it in the fridge over night. The lunchtime one I put in the fridge at work.

Overall, enjoyed it. It tastes a bit like milky weetabix so not unpleasant. Some of the flavours are a bit hit and miss. I’ve ordered a couple of full flavour packs (banana and caramel) and increased my 2nd order to 3 bags (giving UU a try…).

As my aim was weight loss I’ll update this post with results at various points. I’ve used a few calculators to work out my BMR and am using MFP to track my calories. Aiming for a 750 calorie deficit per day (which I have hit easily for the past 3 and a bit weeks).

Wish me luck!



good luck.



Good luck :+1:



Good luck from me too!



Good lucky, ducky. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



All the best! I just started today, been also thinking of creating a thread to share my experience and also use it as tracker for myself.

It’s good you’re making this commitment, especially coming from that food lifestyle, your body and mind will thank you soon enough and you’ll find out that you have more physical and mental (as in memory, focusing…) capabilites than you have been used to having. I’m saying this from my own experience from changing to a healthier lifestyle during the past 2 years.

Will be following you, cheers!



Good luck - I have recently started too - 10 days in, RTD for a couple of days and now onto the powder.

Enjoying the powder more than I thought to be honest - I did eat out a couple of nights this week with colleagues from work which I imagine will affect my weight loss, however I did stop when I felt full, previously I would just carry on eating as my previous relationship with food has been ‘Ive paid for it, so will get my moneys worth’!!



I thought I would provide an update.
So Friday was the end of my 4th week on Huel.
I’ve found it great.
Simple to mix (not sure why people struggle with the shaker…).
Tastes okay (milky runny weetabix?).
I had my eye on losing a few pounds. That’s been good too. Lots of water weight will be included here, but over the last 4 weeks I have lost 22lbs.
I’ll update again in another week.



Tastes much nicer than “milky runny Weetabix” to me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grin:



Maybe! I quite like milky weetabix!

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Haha me too, but it doesn’t like me very much :grin:

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I’ve given this some thought and think it might be better to provide a weekly update when I weigh myself. So in short - another 4lbs down this week. So total loss over 5 weeks is now 26lbs.
For anyone thinking about trying Huel, to support weight loss, I’d say give it a go!!



I’ve slowed down the rate at which I’m losing weight, but that’s always going to happen. 2lbs lost this week, so now at 28lbs in total (6 weeks in).

I said it on another post, weight loss is about good consistent habits, so I’m happy with 2lbs this week.

I’m still eating well, having 2 Huels per day, and am accurately counting calories.

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Your doing really well!

If I were you I would start taking body measurments rather than relying solely on the scale.

I have found that in one week I droped to 64.7 kg then for 9 days was around 65.8 - 66.2 kg.
I knew I was still losing because I was taking measurements once a week. Then this week I am at 63.4 kg and have stayed here for a few days

For me measurements helped me not overthink the numbers on the scale.

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I’m not worried about it. I know I am losing. I’ve gone from the last hole on my belt to now having 2 holes spare, and I’m almost on the next one again. So that’s about 3-4 inches smaller.
I might take some measurements soon to help me understand where changes are happening though.
I keep a list of every time I’ve weighed myself on my phone since 2011, so there is a lot of information I look back over. I am (very nearly) approaching the lightest I’ve been in around 7 years!



Well done mate, I thought I was doing well on the weight loss but wow, just wow.

Remember though that many people are happy at losing half or a pound a week - you are smashing that.



I am happy with my snailspace loss of 1lb per week because, for me, it is sustainable. It’s a way of life for me now :grin:



1lb a week is great and more chance of keeping it off in the long run. I feel tired and weak if I lose too much at once.



Yes I’m the same, I do quite a physical job and I literally run out of steam if I drop too many calories. Plus I found once I got to that point it was very quick and easy to grab something unhealthy to sort it out which was bad in the long run



Hey Tom, absolutely gutted I missed this thread when you first posted it. A belated welcome to the Huel community, great to hear your progress. When it comes to weight loss, slow and steady wins the race. Keep us posted, it’s great to have you on board!

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