Well here goes


Hi Everyone!

So today is day 1, just took the last swig of my lunchtime Huel, it was a mint choc one, think I preferred my morning vanilla one but it tasted fine.

I decided to start Huel to aid with weight loss, it was this or meal prep, I feel this is a more efficient way and therefore make me more likely to stick to it. I am very overweight, currently 21st 9lb, still fairly active though, up to now it hasn’t really affected my life too much but I know its coming. Plan is to maintain a 500-700 calorie deficit per day. I have lost a few stone before on a low carb diet but the amount of cooking, prep and restrictions made it too difficult for me to maintain with my busy life.

I will post updates on how I get on here, mostly to keep myself motivated and on track. 2 meals in so far and I feel really full, probably more than I would from eating the usual supermarket meal deal. Any advice would be gratefully received. Should add that i’m a 37 year old male.



Hi and good luck, Gaz. Am sure you will do well on Huel. Quite a few people on here doing the same. I’ve lost just over a stone since mid October by eating/drinking at a 500 calorie deficit. That wasn’t the only reason I started replacing a couple of meals with Huel though. I have IBS and Huel has helped enormously. I really enjoy my Huel and look forward to every meal :grinning:


Thanks very much for the encouragement and congrats on the weight loss


That’s really impressive! That’s like 6.5 kilos right?
In 6 weeks?
I need to lose 10-14kg. I started my proper 100% Huel diet 4 days ago (after my mini 100% Huel trial just before Christmas).
If I can lose 6kg in 6 weeks I will be VERY happy!


Thanks. I’m really pleased with myself and feeling tons better health-wise :grin:


Mid October to now would be more like 10 weeks. :wink: Still very impressive! (But also more realistic.)


Well done @Bee that’s really good news, you have done well there, pleased for you :+1:


@Moon LOL OH YEAH! Still impressive and still my goal now!


It was actually 10th October when I started :grin:


Wow. Exactly 12 weeks. That really is a spot-on disciplined 500 calorie deficit every day without fail to make a steady 0.5kg loss per week as per NHS guidelines. Now is that how to do things properly or what?!


Yes and the great thing is, I haven’t felt in the least bit deprived. Once I reach my desired weight I intend to continue with the same routine just increasing my calorie intake on a gradual basis until I am at some sort of maintenance level.


Day 2 (wont be doing these every day)

feeling pretty good, no adverse affects yet, feeling less hungry in general which stops me snacking. Tried some instant coffee in my vanilla this morning and it tastes really good.


All the best with this Gareth, great to have you on the team! Keep us posted with your progress and be sure to search the forum for any questions you might have along the way!


Really good to see everyone’s stories. I am 3 days in on breakfast and and lunch Huels and a measured dinner. I am also ensuring my water intake is between 2 and 4 litres. I am 6lbs down which seems a large amount. so I will wait abit longer before I start to get super excited. I am however trying to run at a 500 calorie deficit. I even turned down a cake at the coffee shop yesterday which is a big thing for me having such a sweet tooth.

Out of the Coffee, Vanilla and Berry I wouldnt order the Berry again as it just does not seem to taste of anything as the others do.

My biggest challenge will be next week, I am flying to the US for 4 days, and unsure if I should pack my powder for the risk of getting a going over when arriving lol


Well done, great start. I am not as keen on the mint chocolate one. Think I will stick to vanilla then add instant coffee or fruit when I need a change. Pretty sure I am a couple of pounds down as I am peeing every hour lol


1 week in, had 2 per day apart from at the weekend when I had a bit more time to cook. Feel pretty good, lost 6lbs. Definitely less hungry in general so when it comes to dinner time I am not overeating. Thats made the biggest difference to me. No real side effects at all.


So I am three weeks in and and I am 8.6lbs down. Two a day and a decent dinner. I am into a decent routine, and have started blending and including some fruit just to make sure I can keep going.

This includes a 4 day trip to the US, when I didn’t have any Huel with me so pleased so far. Second batch being delivered today :slight_smile:


I am doing the same thing and I have lost about the same. Didn’t get to the gym in week 2. Good work mate. I probably prefer huel to supermarket lunches, not really missing out on anything



Liking the 6lbs off already. Most important question though, LFC? as in Liverpool?



Good question YNWA