Hey everybody! Hope you all are well? :slight_smile:

I took my first delivery of Huel today and so thought i would jump on the forum here and say hello and let you know how i am looking to use Huel on my journey. Never know it might also actually help someone else plan out the goals they have too!

I have decided to give Huel a go to aid my weight loss routine as you will see below.

About me:

35 years old

5ft 7’’

Original Weight - 19/20 stone.

Current Weight - 16 stone

Calorie counting with Nutracheck App

Calorie information:

Target - 2.0lb per week loss

Calories 1893 Mon, Wed, Thurs

Easier days set to Sat & Sunday in nutracheck lowering the number above down slightly to 1893 so on the sat and sun calories can be 2798 so it balances out giving me the ability to also have a few treats to keep me sane and on track! Can’t all be doom and gloom right?

5:2 on Tuesday & Friday - 800 calories ONLY.

I’ve managed to lose around 3 stone by simply being in calorie deficit, playing my favourite sport which is Squash 2-3 times per week and counting all my calories using Nutracheck app (Amazing app)
I really started noticing the difference though when i switched my eating plan to the 5:2 program, eating only 800 calories 2 days per week and then eating my deficit calories on the other days.
You are meant to eat your maintenance calories on these days, but I was comfortable sticking to the deficit amount and so this sped up the weight loss process even more!

In the back of my mind i was thinking how i can make those 800 days more easier with the food as i was struggling with it even though i was only just about managing it! it really was becoming tough…

One evening I came across Huel when watching one of my subscribed tech you tubers after he uploaded a video talking about how he lost 4 stone is 4 months. Huel was a big part of it, and so i did a little research in to things and immediately realised that this could make things easier for me on those 2 x 800 calorie days. I worked out the calories per scoop to fit in with the goals. 2 even scoops for lunch and 3 even scoops for dinner. This comes in under 800. perfect!

on the other normal days i plan to have just the one serving or 2 scoops or 3 depending on the dinner for the evening. i like to always make sure that i have a balanced evening meal with veg and lots of protein.

i trialled it today after taking my first order and i must admit i was pleasantly surprised how full i felt after the first shake at 1pm and kept me content up till dinner at 7pm when i had my second Huel.

Overall so far i am very impressed and really can see Huel fitting in to my weight loss plan and goals going forward. I weigh my self every 2 week on a Sunday so will keep a close eye on how things go.

Hope this post will possibly help someone if they are looking to work out a weight loss plan and how to stick to it. As long as you know your weight loss numbers and a little will power you can really achieve what you want and still indulge without any guilt or forbidden foods!

Look forward to hopefully speaking with you guys more and glad i am here :slight_smile:


Hi @Holmesy

I’m new too just had my first bag! I’m trying to put on weight and maintain it. I’m 5"2 and 6 stone. Its less readybreky than I thought it would be which is good!! Its taken me a few goes to get it how I like it. I blend mine and leave it over night or for a few hours and i make mine half milk and half water. It’s better than I thought it would be so I think it’s going well! I hope it works out for you :grin:


Hi @3510!

Defo not a bad taste is it?

I have the chocolate mint and berry pouches and really like the taste. Think what I really like it when I shake it up I still get lumps which is like eating cookie dough so don’t mind it all where I know some folk like it to be as smooth. I just use good old water to keep the calories as low as possible. I really find that on those 800 only calorie days Huel has made a huge difference to keeping my hunger at bay and so I think it’s going to do a really good job at keeping me focused and on track.

Good luck putting on the weight and maintaining. Have you found it has worked at all for you so far or is it a tad too early?

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Good luck! This is what i’ll be using Huel for and documenting my progress along the way! :slight_smile:

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Hey @SimonWhipps!

I’d interested to know how you get on with it too.

How are you finding it so far?

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I’m finding my journey amazing! I love the taste! I’ve made a thread of my progress over here:

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