New Weight Loss Journey with Huel

Hi! After two years of WFH cutting out my cycle commute (and way too much food and beer), I’ve hit my highest ever weight unfortunately of 130kg. I’m 179cm. Obviously something needs to change! I have used Huel before a few years ago but mainly as a convenient meal rather than any sort of calorie counting or weight loss aid.

I found an old bag of coffee Huel (past it’s best before but still tastes fine) and ordered two new v3.0 bags (Banana, and Cinnamon) and three H&S bags (Mac n Cheeze, Spag Bol, Madras)

My aim is to have pretty much 100% Huel except the odd social meal which I’ll still try to keep healthy. I’m also completely cutting out alcohol. In a couple of weeks i may allow myself a couple of pints with friends in the pub once a week, but I’ll end that if I think it’s getting to be a problem again.

My plan (this may change as time goes on):
Daily intake: 1600-1800 calories
Meals: 2x shake, 1x H&S meal.
Snacks: 1 scoop of Huel, or fruit, as necessary.
Exercise: bare minimum 30 mins walking, gym or cycling every other day or so.
Hydration: Pint of water with every meal and as necessary, maximum one can of Pepsi Max a day.
One multivitamin a day to ensure I’m getting all the nutrients.

I realise this is quite extreme so far but I’m currently 5 days in and it’s been working so far. I realise with my TDEE and exercise that this puts me in quite a large calorie deficit. So far I haven’t felt too hungry at any point and I’ve found myself with much more energy and motivation than my old diet. If I start to feel this isn’t enough, I’ll up my calories.

Goal: Eventually I want to get back to 80kg. I was last there 8 years ago so I realise this will take a long while. My short term goal is to lose 5+kg and gain some fitness for a holiday in 5 weeks so I fit my clothes better and can go on walks with everyone else without getting as tired.

I’ll update this post every Saturday with progress and any changes I’ve made! More as an accountability to myself rather than anything else!


Sounds ambitious, hope it goes well. Good luck! :+1:

Want to wish you good luck with it. I’m gradually introducing Huel into my diet so will be interesting to see how you get on.

So far going well. Had some regular meals on Saturday and Sunday with family. Tried to keep portion sizes low but weren’t the healthiest of meals and i had no way of calorie counting them, but I think they were sensible.

Still got plenty of energy and I’m definitely feeling better than ever with all this exercise. Still feeling pretty full at the end of the day even with only 1600 calories or so.

I’ll do a weigh in on Saturday and hopefully see some difference!

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Think its hard to stay away from regular meals all together. I have only tried Huel Black so far. I’m working towards having 1 shake a day but I want to gradually up that to two a day over the next few weeks. Not tried the H&S meals but again its something I’m keen to try.

Hey Sam, welcome to the forum!

Sorry for the delay in me responding to your message. Thanks for sharing a bit about you and your journey. Really hoping that Huel can help you like it has many others!

We’ve have some great resources which are going to help you out, please take a read! Looking forward to hearing about your progress!

I am here to wish you the best in your weight loss journey with Huel. I have also lost a lot of weight. I used to be overweight and had no energy to do anything but now I am losing weight and feeling great!


You can definitely do it. I lost 114 lbs and Huel was a very important part of my success. Since jumping off the wagon, I’ve gained 29 lbs and am working on dropping past my previous low to finally hit my weight loss goal (currently back to Huel). No time for BS, just need to rip off the band aid and get it done!


Thanks DM7. What time period did you lose that weight over?

I’m looking to loose a couple of stone myself. I have been using Huel 2 or 3 times a week but from next week I will be using Huel Black once a day. I’m determined to get this 2 stone off. I have only started on Huel gradually but want to gradually increase it until I achieve my goal.

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Good luck! I’ve actually found it’s filled me up and given me much more energy than I expected. I’ve actually had to remind myself to have the 4th meal in the evening sometimes because I’m not actually that hungry, even after exercise!

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It was over a period of 14 months, between late 2019 and late 2020. I managed to maintain ever since but have gradually started gaining over the past 6 months. Currently down 6 lbs since getting started last week.


I find Huel Black quite filling and I’m certainly ready to try upping my Huel intake to get the weight off

Just be mindful of the increase in fiber as you up your intake. You’ve done it the right way by making your increased intake gradual.

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I use Huel to replace lunches and have a snack a few times a week with the protein drink.

What you have to remember it’s not some miracle product where the weight will just fall off. Its a tool to help.

Your whole life needs to change. Make a plan and stick to. The only thing that will work is CONSISTENCY.

Exercise I do walking, running and gym. Now play football too.
Stick to as healthy food as possible (including Huel)
Water and coffee for me.
Treat days 1 to 4 month

Trips away eat what want but jump straight back on the above day after get back.

Get in a cycle and stick to it. Long term.

I left hospital April 2020 weighing over 19.5 stone. I started walking 1st June 2020 as took me months to do anything. I am not sure what i weigh now but last count was around 15 stone. I learnt to forget the scales too and just get a tight clothing item, fit into it and move on.

Covid nearly killed me but you can return, get over it then start a journey back to better health.

If you are constant you don’t need to worry about the scales as they will look after them selves. It’s not a race, think in your head just do it and don’t worry about what people think or say. Do it for you.



Thanks. I’ve stuck to 1600 calories for nearly two weeks now and I’ve been waking, cycling, gym, etc at least once a day. I imagine I’ll keep up nearly 100% Huel for a month or two for initial progress and then move back gradually to having regular dinners, keeping them as healthy as possible.

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I did huel only challenges at start of taking it. Odd week here and there. Quickly found out that when exercise increased huel only was not enough.

Just do what’s best for you.

I actually tried 4 days on huel only last week to see but after 3 days i was gone. Exercise decreased daily and i felt rough. Ate food and huel on day 4 and managed a 10km run.

Live the dream.

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Just reading on the comments. I’m mindful that I’m likely to increase my Fiber as I up my intake and that is one reason I’m doing it gradual.

I’m aware Huel is not a miracle product. However I’m aware it has a number of benefits and I want to use it as part of a diet and exercise plan. I will use Huel as part of that plan.

I shall be working on putting a calorie limit in and Huel will really help as I know what calories are in it. I may start some Huel only challenges as part of that but im just going to take things a step at a time.


How is everyone getting on? I’m having my daily shakes. I’m going to increase it to two daily next week. Trying ready to drink for the first time tomorrow and going to get some hot and savory in to. To early to say if it’s had any affect weight wise but Im feeling good


So the scales are currently down to 123kg! That’s 7kg loss in just over two weeks. I imagine the first week was probably water weight, especially as I’ve not had a drop of alcohol for 18 days, but I’m thinking that at least some of it will be fat!

I don’t really notice any difference in the mirror but I’ve taken some “before” pics so I can compare in the future and see if anything is changing!

In terms of how I’m feeling, I’ve felt a little hungrier this week but still kept to 1600-1800 calories at the most. Still a fair bit of energy, and I’ve been doing long walks, cycles, and gym sessions pretty much every day. I’m noticing walking is getting easier/faster now, which is good because that was one of my aims, to improve my fitness in that regard for a work holiday soon.

Overall I’m pretty happy with how it’s gone! Still using Huel for all meals except one or two with friends or family at the weekend. I bought some RTD bottles, lots of flavours of H&S, and lots of flavours of v3.0, and one bag of black. Mainly just for the variety. I definitely look forward to my meals, especially the pasta ones but even the shakes are really satisfying.

I’ll update in another two weeks!