Looking to lose weight with Huel? Or go 100%? Read this first

If you’re someone that is looking to ‘kickstart’ their weight loss or dive in to using Huel 100%, please read this guide.

We’re here to support our Hueligans, but we can’t provide support without you guys listening and reading some of the amazing content we produce for you all.

We want what you want, to keep up whatever goals and lifestyle you have set yourself.

We can’t do this if you take up a super low calorie diet and/or go 100% Huel.

We have a team of qualified nutritionists, super low calorie diets (<1200kcal) or 100% Huel diets are not something they support. The ONLY way something like that could work is with a 1:1 relationship with a dietitian.

Huel is 100% nutritionally complete. That doesn’t mean we want you to eat it 100% of the time.

Here is what we advise:

  • Try small sustainable changes over a long period of time, rather than lots of drastic changes in one go
  • Keep consistent - Yo-yo dieting and attempting diets then going back to “normal” is less healthy than not dieting at all, physically and mentally
  • Calorie intake is key - If you’re not sure what that needs to be, use a calorie calculator like this one. Don’t go below the lowest intake, it’s not going to help in the long run
  • Protein, fibre, fruit and veg - are important factors to consider: protein and fibre (to help keep you feel full), fruits and vegetables (even though you’re eating less you still need to get all your nutrients), exercise will help maintain your weight loss, but your diet is more important to achieve weight loss
  • Huel is not a silver bullet - Huel can form part of a weight loss diet, but it’s not a magic bullet and it’s not specifically designed for that, just like any other food

Work towards lifestyle change. Try not to see Huel as a diet that you are either ‘on’ or not on.

Huel is healthy convenience food, so build it into a routine with other nutritious foods that you can maintain. Many don’t succeed in keeping weight off because once they hit their target they go back into their old, more unhealthy habits.

So try to find a way to lose weight that doesn’t restrict you from foods and moments you love, but aids the weight loss you want and build that into a new lifestyle.

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