Huel and weight loss questions


I’m new. I’m 65kilos wanting to reduce my stubborn belly fat. I used to be 50 kilos a few years ago. I’m wondering how Huel can help. Huel has several products and I’m not sure which to choose for weight loss. I’m sceptical of the flavours because they might be too sugary. I might go with vanilla. I’ve gone and done the calculator which puts me at 1951 calories per day to maintain that weight. It’s 1451 calories I need to get down to it says to lose 0.5kg. How would you space it out over the day? I don’t eat breakfast normally as not hungry until lunch. Would I need to start having breakfast? At the moment I snack sometimes normally late in the afternoon and at night. Can Huel replace all food? Is it safe to have Huel on its own daily?

Hi there

Tim provided some useful links for information you’ll need a few threads back:

yes but you are probably best introducing it into your diet progressively rather than going all in from the start.

I’ve found it very easy to lose weight using Huel Black Edition (BE). I have Huel for breakfast and lunch and often for dinner too. Huel leaves you very sated and I can easily go five hours before I get hungry again. I have zero cravings for snacks inbetween meals and that’s the key to losing weight. Snacks are generally loaded with calories. I can thrive on just 1,200 to 1,600 calories a day and burning off 2,500 calories a day, therefore, you have to lose weight, it’s simple arithmetic.

Once I have dropped to my target 12 stones, I’ll have to rethink my calorie intake, but that’s a good position to be in.