Huel for weight loss - calorie question

Hi everyone,.

I started on huel this week and so far so good. I just had a quick question about calories:

I’m a 24 year old male, height 190cm weight about 110kg and I want to get down to about 90.

I have a pretty sedantary job but I walk work (30 mins each way) and normally walk 30-45 mins at lunch. Normally do over 10,000 steps a day.

I’m currently on huel for breakfast and lunch - 500 calories each. Plus a small snack in the afternoon - maybe a banana - and then about 600-700 calories at dinner.

Is this a healthy diet calories wise? Wondering if 1,600 calories is what I should be aiming for to lose weight and stay healthy.


In a sedentary job that sounds about right, yeah.

Get Myfitnesspal app and track those calories as well as your weight every few days. Seeing that graph go down is extremely satisfying and also motivating.

Caloric expenditure depends also on what you eat and how it’s cooked.

Some calories will be lost in digestion. Some food is easier to digest (like, sugar and oils are easy to digest) and some is harder to digest (like, a raw carrot). Huel is easy to digest.

Some calories can and will be lost in various metabolic processes. High protein diets tend to increase the basal energy expenditure. High fat diets tend to lower it. Huel is high protein and high fat.

In conclusion, there is no easy answer.

But I think 1600 calories of Huel should work for your purpose.