Weight Loss and High Calories


I would like to start using Huel but am slightly concerned about the calories. I am very small (5ft), and my calorie intake if I want to lose weight is 600 per day. This is obviously very little. If I exercise I can obviously manage a bit more.

However, I am still very interested in Huel, but I need to lose weight. Is this possible considering one Huel meal is 500 cals? I could only have one - or one and a half maybe.

Feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

May I ask your weight and age / activity level please? 600 calories is very low. According to the calorie counter for somebody 5ft tall, female, age 25 and 110 pounds with 1-3 exercise sessions a week, 1100 calories is still a loss of a pound a week in weight.

But the great thing about huel is that there is no set meal size. I stick to 3 scoops per meal, because I’m lazy and thats easy calculations / roughly my needed intake.

But you could certainly go for 2 scoops, 3 times a day. That would give you 900 calories ish a day, enough to lose a lb and a half each week on the above criteria. A 500 calorie huel meal is more than 3 scoops!


I am 115 lbs, age 30. I know 600 cals is very low - this has been a massive struggle my whole life. But that’s the only thing that works. It equates to 1.5 lbs loss per week. I have apps that help me with it. And sure enough…if I go over I stay the same weight. Always.

I am fairly active. About 2-4 exercise sessions a week. I wanted to do a cleanse of some kind. Give my digestive system a break and eat the right foods… so this is really ideal for me, just that it’s very high in calories unfortunately. I guess I’ll have to just use less per meal.

I’ve ordered so we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for your response.

@lioness may I ask how tall you are, how much exercise you do per week, and how much weight you want to lose is please?


Thanks for your response. Please see above for further details. Want to lose 2 lbs per week. 15 in total.

Why the rush? It’s winter time, aim for 1lb per week, it will be easier and therefore more likely to succeed and sustainable.

You may already know this, but just in case.

Based on your height, weight and age, your BMR is 1295 calories on non-workout days, and likely to be 1500-1750 calories on workout days.

You’ve said that you exercise 2-4 times per week, let’s call it 3 days per week on average to keep it simple.
That equates to approx 1450 BMR per day (to maintain weight) when all is taken into consideration (3 days exercise burning approx 350 calories per workout).

@welwynd got the number spot on. Aim for 900-950 calories per day and lose a steady 1lb per week.
That way, you won’t starve yourself and be miserable through winter, as @Julian advised.

Slow and steady is always the best way.

You want to lose 15 lbs?
Stick to 950 per day on a balanced healthy diet and you’ll be at your target weight first week of March. Easily ready for Spring & Summer!

You’re totally right. My boyfriend’s coming back in a month and I just feel I wanted to lose as much as possible before then! But you’re right… 1 lb/week is much better.

Thank you for your response. You’re absolutely right. Always in a rush with these things…