Help starting off

Im awaiting my first delivery of Huel…

Can anyone help me work how much Huel per serving to ideally lose about 2 pounds per week?

38 yr old Truck Driver… (little activity but will increase walking)
122 kg

Im happy to go 100% Huel during the week and mayby have a 2 sensible meals (dinners) at the weekends…

Any help or advise would be great.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Firstly, going from 0 to 100% Huel is not advisable. Many peoples bodies including my own had to adjust to Huel. Legend has it that the better the diet before taking Huel the less of an adjustment there is. My own symptoms were mainly gas and heartburn but they got better over time and I also reduced the amount of Huel per portion which helped too. Now I don’t get any symptoms. I would advise replacing lunch for 5 days and then see how that works out.

The rule of thumb for weight loss is to have a net deficit of 500 calories per day to lose 1lb in body fat per week. Net means after exercise. The average target for daily calories is 2000 and I can assure you that only eating 1500 is tough but doable but I wouldn’t want to do less. Eating 2000 and doing 500 calories of exercise is easier. The actual figure for you maybe different and there are some calculators online which may give you something to aim at but working it out over a number of weeks balancing hunger and weight-loss will ultimately be your best option.

There is also something called MyFitnessPal which has a website and an app. This allows you to enter your personal information and keep a record of what you’re eating, how many calories you’ve consumed, track your weight loss etc. The app will let you enter what you’ve just eaten into that day and help you keep track. I’d recommend setting it up using the website not the app.


Cheers Coup

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Plugging your stats into a calorie calculator you are looking at 1608 calories a day to lose 2lb a week.

That’s equal to roughly 400g of Huel a day.

As 3 meals that’s 133g of Huel and 666ml of water per meal
As 4 meals that’s 100g of Huel and 500ml of water per meal.


For 1lb a week you’d be looking at 2108 calories a day which would work out at 522g of Huel a day.

As 3 meals that’s 174g of Huel and 870ml of water per meal.

As 4 meals that’s 130g of Huel and 652ml of water per meal.

Progress update:

I’ve been having 3 Huel meals per day (each one 456 calories / 3 scoops with 600 ml water)
Then a light meal in the evening if hungry.
Haven’t increased (started) any activity yet apart from 1 2 mile walk and 1 light workout in the garden!

18th Sept 122kg
25th Sept 121.1kg
2nd Oct 120.6kg
9th Oct 119.7kg
16th Oct 118.8kg

So that’s about half a stone weight loss in a month…


You are exceptional for being able to keep this going consistently for a month; good work! More details on your experience would be welcome. How is huel fitting into your workday?

Huel fits in great with my work day… I (the Mrs) make a couple of portions up in the morning sometimes with berries or even low calorie hot chocolate powder!
I can drink them throughout the day whilst on the road… Theres no need to pop into the services for something to eat (disgusting and expensive rubbish anyway…) So I’m saving money AND losing weight…
My energy is up and I feel a lot less fatigued…
I’m not so tired at home after work and don’t even fancy sitting around in front of the TV like before … I’m going to bed later and waking up (without an alarm) earlier…
Interested to see where this all leads…