Help for newbie (weight loss)

Hi… ive just ordered my 1st batch… i want a speedy weight loss… im loosin 1lb a week and with a holiday 5 weeks away its just not enough!
Im at 86.4kg and want to loose as much as I can in 5 weeks… but I want to be realistic and dont think I can go 100% Huel (maybe could for a few days a week?)
If I stick to a evening meal then what is best to have in the day? 2 Huel Main Meals or 3 Smaller ones?

I work for myself… which means i dont schedule lunch breaks and i prob dont eat enough most days till its really late… so this is perfect for me as i can drink and work :sweat_smile:

Any feedback/help appreciated

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Firstly, Huel is not diet food. Huel is food like regular food so just because you’re using Huel doesn’t mean you will automatically lose weight.

Losing weight, or more accurately, losing body fat is relatively straightforward. 3,500 calories (kcal) = 1lb in body fat. So to lose 1lb or more per week in body fat you need to eat a deficit of 500 calories or more per day.

Before Huel came out I lost 1.5 stone by simply eating better and exercising more but my weight loss flatlined for about 6 months before I took it more seriously. What you need to do first is work out how many calories you need per day to maintain your weight and then eat 500-1000 calories less per day (excluding exercise). I find the best way to do this is to use myfitnesspal. It’s a free website/app which allows you to enter in your bio stats and how much weight you want to lose per week and it’ll work out your target calories per day. You can enter any exercises you do which will then add back on those calories you have burned. It has an enormous food database so you can track what you eat and put together eating plans which is what I have done. This way now when I’m hungry I know whether I have any calories left or not. Before, I just caved in and ate anyway!

I recommend you sign up with myfitnesspal and put together a programme which works for your daily routine. Most people agree you should eat less and more frequent than the other way around. My Huel’s are 114g each and I average 2 a day with solid food making up the rest. On a non-exercise day I eat around 1800kcal and with exercise it’s generally 500 more.

Start the day with a glass of water.

Get a regular eating routine going.

Due to the consistency of Huel the scoop is not accurate to measure with. If you want to be accurate you will need to weigh it with some kitchen scales.

Not all the food entries in myfitnesspal are accurate so do check.

I think the most you can realistically look at losing in 5 weeks is 8lbs. If you go crazy it’ll be very hard work and you may end up with excess skin if you continue at that rate.

Feel free to ask anything else.


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We have written a useful guide on losing fat -

Good luck.

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