First timer with a lot of weight to lose

Hi everyone…
So I’m a fat arse with a lot of weight to lose by September :flushed: (getting married)
My partner/husband to be is going on deployment next week so I’ve decided to try and wish the next 4 months away by doing Huel as a diet.
Errrrr help!
The idea is to have a shake morning and evening and the hot & sour meal thingies for lunch.
I work as a receptionist so half of my life is spent sat down, I’m going to try and do a 30 min kettlebell workout each evening if I can.
I guess the question is… can I actually lose weight by doing this?!
I’ve failed at every single diet so far :woman_facepalming:
Thank u x

Hello Elisa - there are some great new guides here and if you stick to the 3 Huel meals a day - yes you will be in calorie defecit and yes you will lose weight. Certainly doing some cardio exercise will also help accelerate this. Even simple things like regularly taking the stairs during the day and going for 2-3km walk everyday will really help.


Heya, welcome, and breath.

Yes you can lose weight - basically check out the primers and everything that Phil said.

I know you can use Huel to lose weight because I lost over 3 stone and have kept it off (Huel is just a general part of my life now I have 1-2 a day and usually a vaguely healthy meal in the evenings).

Mind you some evenings I intend to have something from a standard solid food diet and end up having a Thai Green Curry Huel instead because they are made of awesomeness in food form.

3 meals of 400 kcal each would be a total of 1200 kcal. For your weight loss to be sustainable this seems not enough. You should calculate how many calories you need each day and have about 200 kcal less. Using Huel controlling the amount of calories you are consuming is much easier than no another diet.
Another important aspect is exercise as you already noticed.Here the most important thing is finding some activity that you truly enjoy, that you look forward to doing. Watching videos or listening to audio books during exercise can also help you stick to it. Allow yourself those things exclusively during exercise. There are a lot of tricks - keeping yourself accountable, for example by writing about your progress here or on social media, also helps. I wish you good luck.

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Firstly well done on reaching out and being open. Secondly good luck with your partners deployment. It’s always more difficult when they are away for the one back at home as they throw themselves into their work overseas, whilst you have to do two peoples work at home on top of your own job etc, all this whilst worrying about them… Then it’s their turn to struggle with the normality of life when they come home :frowning:
I am new to Huel (like end of my first week) So have nothing of use to add. What I would say with the exercise front is to make small changes and do your best. Got 30 minutes for lunch and it’s dry outside? Grab your Huel and go for a walk, if you miss the social side with colleagues then persuade them to join you!

lastly, you got this :wink: take small steps and remember it’s better to do a little each day than nothing at all!

To calculate how many calories you should be aiming for, go to which should give you a good baseline to work towards. :grinning:

Hey Elisa, welcome to the forum and I’m so glad you’ve had such a warm welcome with already some great advice. I would echo what has been said above. There are many people who have been in a similar boat to you and you can read from many of them in our Weight Loss category - I’m certain you’ll find some testimonials you can relate to.

I think the key for you will be working towards lifestyle change. Try not to see Huel as a diet that you are either ‘on’ or not on. Huel is healthy convenience food, so build it into a routine with other nutritious foods that you can maintain. A reason many don’t succeed or keep weight off that they wanted to lose is because once they hit their target they go back into their old, more unhealthy habits. So try to find a way to lose weight that doesn’t restrict you from foods and moments you love, but aids the weight loss you want and build that into a new lifestyle.

Hope that’s helpful :blush: please keep us posted on your progress. Congratulations on your engagement and all the best to your partner on their deployment.


Hi! It’s good to see you here. Everyone started out small, don’t be afraid of that. If you don’t eat enough, you won’t be able to lose weight. It will stress your body out. The right thing to do would be to eat enough protein, fats, and carbs, not to overeat, and exercise.

How was the wedding?