Weight loss goal, huel x2 meals per day

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping to loose some weight with huel. In the past I lost 25lb in 4 months with huel, but since starting new medication, plus being lazy in lockdown, I’ve gained it back. As of yesterday I’ve started by having huel for breakfast and huel for lunch. Then I’ll be having a healthy meal in the evening. Yesterday I had a baked sweet potato with tofu and broccoli. I’m also allowing myself a piece of fruit. I would go for 100 percent huel but i really enjoy veg and cooking and look forward to a good meal in the evening.

Anyone also looking to loose some weight and want to join this with me? :slight_smile: we can have weekly check in every monday to see how we are doing. Or if anyone is interested in my progress I can update you on here.


Doe’s this help with weight lose, I used to go too the gym before covid and weighed 100kg I now weigh 120kg. I will start the gym on the 12 of April so I am looking for a good food supplement

Depends on your diet and what you are doing alongside it. You can use Huel for weight loss or gain depending on quantities and what else you eat during the day.

I have gone from 84kg in Jan to 76kg as of this morning and thats not only weight loss but body fat too as I have also increased muscle mass.

Hey Amy, you can definitely do this and it sounds like you’ve got a great attitude to it! I wrote quite a few tips here, which you might find useful!

As I wrote in the linked post, make sure you work out the right about of calories for you because just having 1 Huel for lunch and 1 for breakfast might not be enough for you, or it might be too much. You just need to work it out. So head to that post I’ve linked to :blush:

We’re not here to replace all your meals, especially not the moments you love and enjoy. You can fit Huel in wherever and to lose weight with Huel you don’t need to swap everything. The most important thing is building a good relationship with food, something you maintain for the rest of your life, not just a few months.

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