Taking Huel for breakfast and Dinner?

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m taking Huel for breakfast and dinner and have light lunch. Have been having it for over 2 weeks now. It helped me to get rid of 2kg (holiday) so far, I wonder it I’m doing it right.

Should I substitute breakfast and dinner with Huel essential to help me lose weight or exclusively lunch only?

I read about the winds and not really happy about it, but in order to have one thing, you have to learn how to accept the consequences
Thanks :pray:

There’s really no single answer for that - other than you should do what you and your body feel comfortable with :blush: it’s good that you didn’t have any stomach issues with it, so it seems like you are fine with whatever you choose – either using it part of a weight loss diet or maintaining your weight when you’re happy with it.