Is Huel good for weight loss?

Hi everyone,

I have jumped on the new year resolution bandwagon and want to lose weight this year. I have signed up for a gym with the aim of going every weekday. I want to encourage my weight loss with a good diet and was wondering whether Huel would be good for a lunchtime meal alongside with 1 or 2 fruits? Also, I want to reduce my portion sizes for dinner so would a Huel lunch meal help reduce my hunger in the evening? I know this depends on an individual’s constitution but if anyone could share their experience that would be great.

I currently weigh about 88/89kg and would like to be around 82kg by June/July - so 6/7kg within 5/6 months - I think this can be done and is not considered an aggressive weight loss plan.

Prior to this, I was doing a 24hr intermittent fasting however my body soon got used to the pattern and the effects wore off so I am also hoping Huel would not increase my weight as well.

I am looking at getting the Huel black edition - salted caramel and strawberries with a cream but would like to know people’s experience so far so I can see if it will be worthwhile for me.

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can alter my plans, diet, Huel intake or anything else, please let me know, always happy to listen and make changes to help me reach my goals.

Thanks for reading my post


Hey Rajesh, I can totally see where you’re coming from and can understand why you want to get cracking and why things might not have worked in the past.

Your body getting used to the pattern of intermittent fasting won’t have been the cause of your stalling weight loss, if anything it should make following this diet easier. As you lose weight your body requires less calories and so this is why you’ll see your weight loss plateau.

Have a read of our articles on weight loss for more info, we have an intro guide here.

In regards to Huel, it can be used to support your weight loss goals as it makes it an easy to keep an eye on how much you’re eating day-to-day.

Thanks Dan for your reply and guidance.

I have ordered 2 x Huel black edition and hope to meet my weight loss goal in the coming future.

I’ve found it very easy to lose weight using Huel. I also add beansprouts to the mix. What is very useful is that Huel keeps you sated for 5 hours. No snacks, no cravings for something else to eat. Three Huel drinks, three cups of beansprouts and the weight just falls of you.

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