Huel just for lunch - weight loss- what have you done?


I’m 175cm (5ft9) and around 90kg depending when I weigh myself.

I’d like to get to as close to 80kg as I can - as I’ve crept up from being that weight over last 4 years or so (since I started office job, go figure).

I’m drinking 3 scoops of huel for lunch in the weekdays, as I find it hard to control myself going to the shops at lunch when I’m hungry. I exercise 3-4 times a week, football, running etc. Normal food in the evenings. At weekends, I will be less strict.

Normal meals in the event, and a very light breakfast (if at all) as I just don’t feel hungry in the mornings.

I’m using myfitnesspal to track calories, and I’m aiming for a deficit of around 800 a day.

Just wondering if anyone has done a similar thing to me - not going hardcore in but using it help control calories, and if they have, what kind of rate of loss they can expect?

Flavourwise, the vanilla as is was a bit ew, but the chocolate/mocha pouches made it taste great.

I used a small spoon of instant coffee and chocolate power this morning to flavour (not from huel) and I’m pleased that also tastes great.

Sounds like a good plan.

Your point about HUEL keeping you out of the shops at lunch time really rings true with me. If you’re trying to eat well dont go to shops that exist mostly to tempt you to buy cheap processed food!

Personally I think Id struggle with a 800kcal deficit every day. I have found 5:2 or (currently) 4:3 intermittent fasting works well though, aiming for a much larger deficit but on only 2 or 3 days a week. On a ‘fast’ day I have a 1000-1200kcal deficit.

As long as my non-fast days are ‘good’, not over eating, then 0.5 to 1Kg lost a week is possible, crucially without any hunger pangs or negative side effects thanks to how filling the HUEL is and how it keeps blood sugar in check.

Using HUEL has given me far more control over what I eat, and Ive found eating well (and losing weight) to be extremely sustainable - Ive been on this ‘regime’ since the new year and havent had a single week where Ive felt like Ive taken a backwards step.

That sounds good.

It’s interesting re the hunger though - yesterday when I finished work all I’d had was 3 scoops huel. Did football for an hour - I cycle to a from work - so I had something like 1800 calories I could eat. Had some paella that was in the fridge, half a packet of peanuts, glass of wine etc and I’m still way under, but not hungry.

Maybe that was an easy day, but I think I adjust quickly to reducing intake. Well, I’ll see. Try and weigh myself this weekend, see what has happened.

I have been using Huel for breakfast and lunch with a normal tea since the 22nd of April when I weighed 73kgs. Yesterday I weighed in at 66kgs.
I have been using My Fitness Pal to track calories fairly strictly - always aiming for a 500 calorie deficit.
I have had barely any issues with hunger or cravings etc as I have allowed myself to eat less healthy food here and there provided it didnt exceed the calorie allowances.
I also train quite hard at least 4 nights per week.
Overall I am finding it easy to keep the dieting up using Huel as 10 minutes preparation the night before has both breakfast and lunch readied and both are healthier than what I would normally have.

Blimey! That’s six weeks and you lost 7kg. That’s loads, well done.

I think you probably train harder than me though!

Honestly I havent upped my level of training, (I do train hard though) - I would put 95% of my weight loss down to calorie control which is made easier using Huel.
Aiming for 63kgs now for early August, should be in good shape at that weight.

What’s your height?

5 foot zero. Proper Hobbit! I do have a fairly muscular frame though.

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What about alcohol? I drink most nights, but not more than 4/5 units… Two bottles of beer mostly.

I like a beer but don’t drink too often, on the few occasions that I have drank since I started trying to lose weight I added the beers into the calorie counter and moved on with life. Got to have a treat now and then but I do find it hard to fit in beer plus food and hit 1,700 calories (my current intake).

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If you drink beer most nights, stop with that if you want to lose weight.

I’ve found Beer to be the thing that stalls my weight loss. 1 pint is around 200calories which then lead to poor food choices.

I’ve tried cutting them out as much as poss (as difficult as it is, but easier out of football season) Also I now drink Gin and Tonic as an alternative

Yeh I’m trying to switch over to spirits. At least I can’t drink pints like I used to be able to.

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I actually enjoy G&T now, used to only like Vodka and Diet Coke for spirits

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Really in the rhythm of things now - looking forward to huel at lunch.

Flavouring with coffee myself is certainly the best flavour for me. I expect I’ll start having it for dinner soon, too.

Not sure about any weight loss yet, as I don’t have scales (use the girlfriends when at hers).

I’m just grazing over my lunch time huel, cocoa flavour for me!

I put on a few pounds over Christmas and set myself a target of losing 1lb a week (without Huel). By the end of February I was on track, but wanting more so switched out my normal Weight Watchers lunch with two scoops of Huel - everything else stayed the same - same diet, same exercise. The results has been 27lbs in three months, worth every penny. Still getting used to lunchtimes, feels like I should be hungry, but never am.

Well done Kevin, that’s a lot.

I guess I’ll have to check in to the scales more often to track progress. How did you make your graph?

I’ve setup a template anyone can use, all you need is a Google Account (Gmail, Youtube, etc) to access it :

Template Weight Chart

Click on the above, then sign in with your Google Account (top right) :

Once you’ve signed in you can then click on the File menu and make a copy of the spreadsheet to either your Google Drive account (‘Add to my Drive’) or download it and use it in something like Excel (‘Download as’) :

It’s setup to record a years worth of weekly weight ins. You just need to tweak ColumnB and Column C with your desired values initially, then just add to ColumnA each time you weigh in.

  • Column C - Enter your weight at the end of last year or current weight (in pounds) and then copy that value into all of the Column C entries - this creates the static line across the chart showing your progress compared to what you want to measure against.

  • Column B - Fill out Column B with your start weight in Row1 and then your target weight for each week afterwards for the year. In my case ColumnB decreases by 1lb a week. This creates your target line going down on the chart.

That’s it, all you have to do then is add your weekly weigh in into Column A and it’ll show your progress throughout the year.

I’ve left my values in for the year to hopefully give a guide of how to use it. The chart will automatically update itself as you change values.