Beginner losing weight with Huel

Looking to use huel as part of weight loss routine. I’m not sure how viable this is and from reading around I’ve seen mixed success so thought I’d just make a post and get some advice before I buy.

I’m 23 years old, 5’10 male and weigh about 204 pounds at the moment. Ideally want to get down to 180 pounds, or less but that’s a good starting point.

Usually I exercise 3 times a week, running, squash, football etc. However with finals at Uni its been hard to keep that up over the last few months and I’ve noticed the weight pilling on.

Eating habits have never been great which is why I try and exercise to maintain weight. Usually have a light breakfast (toast, cereal, fruit) then for lunch its almost always a meal deal whilst out and about at Uni (depending on choice calories vary but averages around 600 I’d say). Dinner is probably the problem. Often cook meals with my housemate designed for 3-4 people and we normally eat everything. No idea how many calories, guess it depends on what we cook.

Most people seem to recommend having Huel as breakfast/lunch or both and then having a normal dinner. I’m worried this would just increase calories as I’m used to eating a fair amount in the evening. What are people’s recommendations for weight loss routines with Huel? A full serving for breakfast and lunch and then just watch what you eat in the evening? Or have people had success with other methods? Also how full does Huel actually make you feel because I’ve heard mixed reviews there too, can you actually last just having it as a full meal?

Cheers for any info in advance!

Hi and welcome to Huel

People use different eating protocols when including Huel and what gives success will be what suits you best.

Personally, I use 2 scoops of huel for breakfast, and get lunch from the cafe at work (not that healthy), then have 2 scoops of huel for dinner 4/5 working days a week. The other is my late shift where I just act like a terrible person and have 3 scoops for a late breakfast then get subway or something equally awful at around 3-4pm to do me for both lunch and dinner.

I’m 32 and have done from around 82.5kg to 79kg without being overly active. Keep telling myself I’m going to start running, but weak willed and making excuses not to. :joy:

Don’t worry so much about replacing a specific number of meals with huel, just have it for the convenience and you’ll quickly get used to it and stop craving massive feeds as often as you’re used to, but don’t cut them out altogether either, you still gotta have some joy in live like takeaway pizza.

So like a few others have said I think Huel for breakfast is an obvious one personally…its quick (ie longer in bed), avoids things like toast and on the go snacks and I personally prefer Huel cold so can make before go to bed, pop in the fridge and grab on the way out in a shaker.

I think how you approach Lunch or depends a bit on everyone’s lifestyle. I try and get into the habit of having it for dinner, I don’t particularly enjoy cooking and the convenience factor plays a part again. That being said don’t ignore the social aspect and if you are used to having dinner with your flatmate it might be a bit antisocial if he is having dinner and you’re just drinking oats!! I think Huel can be used at times as an excuse…your solution here is not necessarily huel but stop eating for 4 :slight_smile:

I don’t personally think Huel should be considered as instant easy weight loss…it is still at the end of the day calories, but and crucially its controlled calories and you know how much it is and its convenience. The amount of times I have ordered takeout or just stuck something brown in the oven because its easy!! This is for me at least where Huel comes in.

Just my two cents :slight_smile:

I have found portion control to be an issue of mine over the years (that and snacking, which is why I dont have crisps and chocolate in the flat). I live on my own so there is no one else to blame for eating an entire spaghetti bolognese either…

I have started to use the principal of batch cooking, and then (crucially) before I serve myself, I portion out the other meals from the cook (usually 3) into containers for the freezer. This serves two purposes, I know how much I am supposed to dish up, and I get 3 more meals for later. Do this enough times and you’ll end up with an impressive array of well-portioned meals you can simply reheat. Slowcookers are amazing for this.

Hi there, I have also heard many good reviews about huel as a part of weight loss routine. I think if you really want to lose your weight you need to have daily exercise and balanced diet. Everyone has a different body type and shape and you need to work according to your body. Recently my friend told me about slimming guide which he bought from I think you need to follow a diet plan which helps to guide that what should you eat in breakfast, lunch and dinner.