Trying to lose a bit of weight

Hi there, just looking for a bit of advice, apologies if there are loads of threads already answering this.

I understand that huel isn’t a weight loss product, but I’m looking for advice on people who have had some weight loss success.
Did you just swap out breakfast and lunch for huel and have dinner? Did you go 100% huel? Or was it somewhere inbetween?

I have around 40-45kg to lose and just looking for advice/chat.



Hey Jen, the community will be able to help you when they see this. For now check out this article and let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Thanks Dan, I’ll have a look at this :slight_smile:


I swapped out between 10 and 15 meals per week for 12 months and I lost 3 stone and my health improved significantly. It was the knowing how many calories that helped me lose the weight. Hope it works the same for you.


So far i’ve lost around 35kg with the help of huel, 22kg to go.

The best advice i can give is to:

  • Keep track of your calories with something like myfitnesspal
  • Try limit the calories you drink (e.g. black coffee and diet coke)
  • Find something to do with your time that isn’t sitting on the sofa eating snacks
  • Don’t cut your calories too short (i ended up in hospital last year after collapsing due to eating only 1200 kcals a day)
  • Drink lots of water if you feel hungry
  • Don’t judge your weight loss on a daily basis instead aim to have a lower weight then this time last week.

Good Luck, you can do this!!!


Thanks guys, first day has gone well, feeling good so far!


My “top tip” is not to simply look at the number on the scales for motivation
I tracked my measurements in excel once a week. (waist, hips upper arm, thigh, calf, bust) - because I had started exercising and building muscle the changes on the scales were not always dramatic but the changes in the tape measure were very encouraging. Take the positives where you can.

I have been dieting since January, I had gained 20% of body weight after ill health and being forbidden to exercise for a year. Huel for breakfast and lunch on the working week - sensible calorie counted meal in the evening. No drinking on a “school night”. Getting back to running 4 times a week after a year of enforced sofa rest.

Has worked for me 0.7kg off my weight goal and my inch loss has been astonishing :slight_smile:


It is working for me, lost 18 lb in two months, I can only take it as a lunch replacement, I find it causes nausea if taken on a morning in combination with the medication I am on, but then I get the same effect if I take the pills on an empty stomach, I have been advised by a friend I can add fruit to the mix and it may help, will give it a go. I cannot replace the evening meal as my wife insists I eat a meal, she is concerned I will slide into crash dieting.

What I have found is I have lost the urge for afternoon snacking which was stopping me losing weight, particularly during lock down, it certainly fills me up and I do not get the weary sensation diet shakes used to cause between doses.

What kind of medication is it?

And yes, without a partner life can be much easier…and every choice your own.
On the other hand your wife can’t force you to do what you don’t want to. It’s not her choice but yours. Do what makes you feel better - whatever that is.