Impressed with weight loss

I’m using Huel to replace 1 meal a day at lunch - I’ve never really had large breakfasts and my wife’s doing Slimming World so we tend to have balanced meals in the evening.

I’m also the worst person ever for snacking so I’ve downloaded MyFitnessPal and put my stats into it with the recommended 500 calorie defecit as my target. Anyone using Huel for weight loss should absolutely download it - it takes into account your steps and adjusts your calorie allowance accordingly…its brilliant.

I’ve been Huel-ing for almost a week now and honestly didn’t expect to see results yet. I’ve been a pretty abysmal eater and ate junk most of the time for convenience and near the end of the day I’d feel awful, bloated and that’d make me eat more junk on the way home. So when I started the program, I probably did drop a lot more calories than I thought I was. My intake now is around 1960 a day and I was EASILY hitting 2500 before.

Initially, it was weird not feeling AS full as I was used to (but probably closer to what ‘full’ should actually mean!) and it’s been a while since I’ve sat down to a meal actually feeling hungry…which is a strangely nice feeling!

I’ve just weighed myself and the scales say I’ve dropped 3.3kg - although I’m putting a lot of this down to an initial loss of water, a sudden adjustment to diet etc…I’m not expecting to drop that every week! I’ve gone from, for example, fish and chips and a full fat coke at lunch to huel and maybe a coke zero an hour or so later.

My point being, for the first time in ages I actually feel ‘normal’ again, I look forward to food and I’m surprised how much Huel has filled me up!

Here’s to the start of a healthy relationship!



I love reading these success stories. Great job buddy, keep it up! :smiley:

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Perhaps that accounts for 1.5kg, but I can’t see it accounting for a whole lot more than that. Don’t put your achievement down - Sounds like you’re smashing it!

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Update time! Having just weighed in, the scales are saying fractionally over 7.5lbs off which is as I expected - slightly higher to start with, when I pretty much removed the crap I’d eat at work and plateuing now to be a bit more steady.

Yesterday was an intersting test! 4 out of 5 days, I work from one site and on Fridays I’m based at a secondary one…Huel being under my desk at site 1! Normally, I wouldn’t think twice about grabbing some sort of fast food from the restaurant but pushed myself to go to Morrisons before hand where Incould at least watch the calories.

Good old MFP came in handy and not only did I find their salad bar was comparatively low in calories (considering its a lot of potato salad and coronation chicken) but that the medium box is in the meal deal! Who knew?!

For me, thats the best part of this whole concept - I’m not drinking some random chemical filled weight loss drink that tastes like sick, I’m just eating the right amount. What I love is that I don’t have to eat random special recipies from my subscription service either. Last night was just me and the little man and after he’d gone to bed, I had a quick look on Uber Eats, checked with MFP and there were still enough calories left for Bella Italia to bring me a pasta bolognaise - happy days!

All I need to do now is decide on a single flavour boost. I’ve been spoiled with the 8 pack so I’m debating in my mind. I’m thinking mint chocolate…but I’m up for suggestions!


Great job! And agreed on MyFitnessPal - a friend lost a ton of weight on it and it’s useful “remembering” those little extras when my food diary is somewhere else.