New Huel User (24/1/16)

Hi all, I’m brand new to Huel so thought I would document my progress here if that’s okay.

My goal is to use Huel for fat loss. I’m currently 116 kg, and at 178cm tall I could really do with losing at least 30kg to reach a healthy weight. This is the most I’ve ever weighed. I’ve made various attempts to lose weight over the years and my lowest has been around 100kg. My problem has been maintaining consistency.

I’m going to try and work up to 3 meals a day on Huel, probably 5 days a week. Will see how things go and then maybe go back to having a cooked evening meal.

I’m really excited about the potential of this. I’ve used protein shakes as meal replacement before and had some success, but with Huel being totally nutritionally balanced it really could be the solution I’ve been looking for…


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I also aim to achieve fat loss with Huel. I’ll now be Hueling 3 times a day and eating “regular food” alongside this. I’m also excited about Huel being nutritionally balanced. I’ve experienced a boost in energy and clarity since using Huel.

I’ve also had issues with consistency. I’ve had a good run recently…I’ve gotten rid of over 3 stones since May. I’ve found Tom Venuto’s book “Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle” great for motivation and direction…I use the audiobook format.

Let’s Smash it Dave!

I started a couple of weeks ago and although I haven’t weighed myself, I’ve noticed a visual difference in my body shape. Keep at it, build yourself up. You’ll get there! Good luck!

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Being able to spot physical differences within a couple weeks is good going. Can you go into a little details on your methods please? i.e. how much Huel, whether you train, what you goals are etc

I just wanted to loose some of my podgy fat. I really struggle with diets and meal plans because of the industry I work in, so this allows me to get everything I need, quickly and calculated.

I consume around 2000 calories a day with Huel and exercise by running to and from work, sometimes in the gym too.

Persistence, determination and enthusiasm is the key to achieving your goal. Believe you can do it, really want to do and you will!

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Hi There,

Nice to read others are trying huel for weight loss. I’ve started today properly after going for a dry run last week :smile:

Im currently 163kg and 188cm, so ive got a heck of an amount to lose. Im a really fussy eater (you wouldnt think it given the stats ), and huel allows me to have the right amount of protein, etc without having to resort to red meat.

My plan is to have huel fully 3 days a week, and then take it from there, and obviously watching what i eat on the other four days. Ideally I want to get to 5 days huel, 2 days healthy food.

Hi everyone. First time user today- like others, aiming to use it in a weight loss calorie controlled program. Great to see others with the same goals. I’m starting at 265lbs at 5ft 10inches (or 120.2kgs and 177.8cm for those dealing in metric), aiming to mix it with other clean high protein foods during the day with a slowly increasing exercise program. I was surprised how filling and tasty it was (vanilla version) and glad I took the chance on it. Hope to follow everyone’s success in the community over the next few months.


Just curious how you guys are getting on with the weight loss?

Just ordered my first batch today and fat loss is my main aim also

Hi Jamiep, I have my goals set out on a spreadsheet to check weight-loss against once a month, where I want to be and where I actually am at that date. I haven’t checked my weight compared to when I started Huel but I do feel better in myself since starting it. I’m varying it from 2-3 shakes a day mixed with skimmed milk rather than water, which if I keep to comes to roughly 658 calories per shake (3 scoops per shake), alongside things like fish and chicken. I try to keep a daily calorie count on a chart from the NHS ( I don’t get the cravings as much as I used to for chips/sweets etc and i do feel full, so I think for me it’s working. I’m steadily increasing my activity with low impact walking etc to help.

Hopefully you and others can share their experiences as you progress? It’s good to know others out there are on a similar journey to myself. All the best.

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