My Huel journey to get fitter and lose weight!

Hi all! :slight_smile:

This is going to be one of those long first post’s, but with time my intention is on a weekly/daily basis to update you guys on how it’s going :wink:

How did it start?
So a couple weeks back i discovered Huel through Facebook, had actually seen it a couple of times before but this time i actually went on their webpage and instantly thought the whole concept made sense for me.
Long story short, a couple of days later i placed an order of 2 bags (Vanilla & Original Vanilla) plus some flavour packs (chocolate & toffee) and got it 6 days ago (Tuesday 18th December) so this initial post will cover those days and how it has been going!

My Motivation?
As alot of other people on this forum, my motivation for using Huel is to try to loose fat since i have been overweight my entire life. Now just to let you know i have already been on a fat loss journey starting back in Oct/Nov 2017 where i managed to go from 100kg to 90kg by New Years Eve 2018 through working out, mealprepping and counting calories. Throughout 2018 i basically maintained the weight of 90kg +/- 2-3 kgs even though my goal was to get even lower.

The goal besides loosing fat is basically to be healthier and be able to buy clothes that fit me without any issues or worries!

My Starting Point
Just to give you an idea of me:
Age: 26
Starting Weight: 89kg
Height: 182cm

How have the 6 days gone?
Starting Weight: 89.0kg
Todays Weight: 87.3kg (-1.7kg)

Based on the numbers above and how i look in the mirror i would say it has been going really well and the weight of 87.3 is acutally an all-time low for me (at least from what i can remember) yay! I am looking forward to see how it progresses in the next couple of weeks since it could easily have been water weight.

How do i use Huel and do i like drinking it?
Throughout the workweek i use Huel for breakfast (100 grams), eat a regular lunch at work and then have a Huel for dinner (125 grams). During the weekends the intention has been to use Huel for Breakfast and Lunch followed by a dinner out! :wink:

The crazy part is that i actually really enjoy drinking Huel, i like the oaty taste and that its not a completely smooth texture. The only thing is that oats have always filled me up super fast, so i can easily use 30-45 minutes drinking a shake of 100-125grams of Huel but it keeps me super full and during this weekend i actually only had one shake and a regular dinner per day.

Bonus info - my workout routine
Just to be transparent in regard to my workouts i usually train 4-5 times a week between Monday-Friday for about 1 hour and rest during the weekends.

  • I wake up at 5:20-5:25am, weigh myself after going to the bathroom, then have a little bit of water
  • At the gym by 5:50
  • Warm-up with cardio for 10-15 minutes (usually 10 min elliptical machine and 5 min stair master)
  • Strength Training for around 40-45 minutes (workout split is Chest/Triceps, Back/Biceps and

This means i train fasted and have my Breakfast Huel after getting home from the Gym just before leaving for work in the morning.

I’m excited and looking forward to updating you on my process!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments! :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome to the forum, Salle. Glad you are enjoying Huel and good luck with the weight loss :smile:


December 25th Weigh-in
Starting Weight: 89.0kg
Todays Weight: 87.0kg (-2kg)


Wow, you are me!!!

Big welcome. Will follow closely. :slight_smile:

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I think that could be a good weight. Obviously it depends on what sort of physique you are looking for, but with that height, you should be able to carry that weight.
Unless you are looking to be razor sharp.

How much are you currently eating?

@Latestfuels I definitely think that with my height I’m able to carry the weight that I currently have, but that’s not what i really want to have. Ideally, its more about losing fat around the body and especially the abdominal area (would actually like to see how my abs look like since i have never seen them haha) and getting to a point where buying clothes and how i feel i look in them is as i want to.

When i get to a point where i feel like i have lost the fat i would like to then i would propably look into if i, can add on more muscle and get stronger - but thats for the future.

If you were wondering what my current weight goal is, then the first step would be to reach the 85 kgs after that i would like to how my body looks like at 82. But i have no real rush to get there yet, especially since i will going on my 3-week honeymoon to Japan in January and want to enjoy all the delishious food there :smiley:

In regards to how much i’m eating on a daily basis its around 1600-1800 calories, but i have not really been tracking my intake the last couple of days due to christmas :partying_face:


Day 11

Weight Update 29 December

  • Starting Weight: 89.0 kg
  • Current Weight: 87.0 kg

Plan for food intake today

  • Breakfast - 100g. Huel Shake (Original Vanilla + Chocolate Flavor Boost)
  • Lunch - 125g. Huel Shake (Original Vanilla + Chocolate Flavor Boost)
  • Dinner - Dining out, so not going to bother tracking it but just trying to keeping it reasonable to not go over my calories.

Throughout the Christmas days i had a lot of food (and it was damn good :+1:t5:), the weight crept up to around 87.5kg which of course didn’t feel great but I already knew that this would most likely happen (I’m more surprised that I didn’t gain more) :smiley: so tried to keep calm and went back to having 2 shakes a day and after two days I’m now back to the weight I was at Christmas morning!

Was a bit lazy during Christmas with all the food making me not wanting to go the gym but finally got a workout in yesterday which probably helped me sweat some of the Christmas food off :muscle:t5:

So going to keep going, today I’m having two shakes followed by a dinner out which I will try to keep sensible

Huel Experience
I’m definetly still enjoying my Huel shakes, found out that i love the original vanilla flavor alot more than the new vanilla and that the shakes really help me stay away from wanting snacks. Usually, after a savory meal i always crave chocolate but after a Huel shake that does not seem to happening anymore!

My new order that is on the way includes some more bags of original vanilla flavour + coffee flavor + the new mint chocolate chip as well as a banana flavor booster! Really excited to try the mint chocolate chip powder since i heard alot of good reviews from the forum and on the Facebook group, but hoping to get some banana milkshake vibes from the banana flavor booster mixed with the original vanilla powder :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hopefully some progress the next couple of days unless new years eve goes crazy!

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I changed this thread title from “loose” to “lose” but somebody appears to have changed it back. Lose is spelt with one o.

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You are appreciated, thank you for your huge contribution :wink: