6 weeks in......1.5 stone lost & £10 off Huel!

Well, i started my Huel journey on the 21st of february, and i’ve been meaning to do an update for a while.

It’s now just under 6 weeks later, and i’ve replaced one meal (lunch) with Huel each day.

The primary goal, was to eat a bit healthier and loose some weight. i started at 92.7kg, and 6 weeks in i’m at 83.6kg (lost just under 1.5 stone), and i do feel better for it! i lost a stone in about 3 weeks, then had a week where i wasn’t watching what i was eating so well, but continued to have a shake each day, and amazingly, at the end of that week, i hadn’t put any back on (or lost any for that matter)!

I habit form quite easily, so having a shake each day for lunch has very quickly become a very easy habit to follow. I’ve continued to put a handful of frozen fruit into the shake, and leave overnight, as thats something i know, and like. i will eventually experiment with different flavours.

the 1st 2 weeks, i did indeed have the Huel guff’s! now i’m normally fairly known for this reputation anyway, but they were quite ripe,lol. Also (possibly a bit too much info), my stools we quite loose for that time period. Since then though, my body seems to have gotten use to the Huel, and everything is back to normal.

When i first looked into Huel, i though at £45 for a months supply, it was fairly expensive, but it has since saved me a lot of money! I’ve replaced lunch, which was normally either a pasty or a sandwich of some sort, and have basically stopped buying bread. i’ll have a couple of ciabatta’s in the freezer, for when i feel the urge, but other than that, i have not brought any.

now other than my bi-weekly main shop, bread was the main reason for popping into the shops every few days, and when i went in for the bread, i’d inevitably buy other bits as well. this has pretty much all stopped now.

i have had Huel for the evening meal instead of lunch a couple of times, when i’ve been out and about, or working on a different site, that didn’t have a fridge, and that hasn’t been so successful. I seem to need something physical to eat in the evening. When i have the shake, i still feel the urge to eat something, even though i’m not actually hungry.

My final target weight is between 75 & 80 Kg. so in 6 weeks, i’ve gone from 92.7kg down to 83.6kg, so my target is not too far off. i’ll have to look at the calories, and see how i need to adjust my intake to maintain the weight at that goal. This will 100% include Huel in the mix.

I’m not putting the weight loose, totally with Huel, as i have also improved my eating habits, and have reduced (but not stopped) fatty and sugary intake, but the Huel has definitely been a large factor.

Currently the above is with no exercise at all! i keep meaning to get back on my cycle, and start getting fit as well, but i haven’t started that yet. i did have a ride on my turbo trainer this week (for the first time this year), and managed a 27 mile ride (about 1.75 hours), something i don’t think i could have managed even a month ago.

If anyone is sitting on the fence, and unsure whether to try Huel, i would say go for it.

Feel free to use the link below, to get £10 off your first order. This is something i didn’t know about when i started, and would have probably made me order sooner than i did!

Best wishes!


Thanks so much for the great feedback. So pleased that Huel is suiting you well and that you have made such amazing weight loss progress! Keep up the hard work and keep us updated on how it all goes!

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Firstly congratulations on a massive achievement - its great to hear the product has worked for you. I am about to embark on my first trial of HUEL for a month to see how it goes, I am however having granola in the morning also in this first month to see how that combo works.

If I can achieve a fraction of the weight-loss you have I would be happy.

Can I ask did you consume much water? Its something I always struggle with but I do need to get better with.


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HI Daznoonan,


i dont tend to drink any water (on it’s own) throughout the day, but i do have a fair few coffees. if towards the late afternoon, i feel a bit peckish, i’ll tend to have a coffee instead.

the only time i’ll every have water on it’s own, is if i’m on the bike, which has only been twice now this year!

on an average day, (depending on where i am at work), i’ll have anything between 4 and 10 coffees), and prob another 4 in the evening. i know it’s a lot, but i’ve always drank that quantity (I’m 43).

i tried to lose some weight a couple of years ago, and found it a real struggle to move anything. this time i almost haven’t had to think about it. simply have the Huel for lunch.

best of luck with your journey! I’m amazed how easy it has been with the help of Huel.

kind regards

Thanks for the reply and the info. I do like a good coffee, but am trying to have more water and just 1/2 coffee’s a day rather than the sheer volume I was having before.

I’ve drank coffee like you for a lot of years (I’m 35) and stopping it is not something I want to do as I really do enjoy a good cup of it to be honest.