1st week on Huel

So i started last Monday and weighed myself. I was mortified at how much i weighed, but enthusiastic to start Huel and see if i could finally stick to a weight loss programme. I had been very strict with myself except for Saturday where i had a Chicken wrap and chips from the takeaway, however i felt i could take it given how strict i had been. Safe to say i have lost half a stone having just weighed myself again at work! I know weight doesn’t mean everything, but i am very happy to see such a loss and hope it continues! I am doubting the scales last week already, to lose so much in a week already feels insane!


Losing 7lb in the first week is quite common. Most of it will be water weight which naturally fluctuates up and down. Expect to lose maybe half that in the second week and then level off to around 1-2lb a week (depending on your weight loss programme). A steady loss of 1-2lb per week is ideal.

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Might explain things! I was happy to lose 2-3 lbs, and will be happy to continue losing that amount moving forward. My goal is to lose about 3 stone, and definitely to try to lose a stone by the end of May! Now i have the first half gone, it is easily achievable if i stick as i am

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Hi there, I also saw a big loss in the first week, I think that’s fairly normal, but its now leveled out nicely :slight_smile:

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How long did it take to level out?

I had 2 weeks of higher losses and since then it’s been steady

Hello All,

Lola here :raised_hand: I just received my Huel package today
I’m excited to say that I will begin tomorrow, today I ate some guacamole, chips and some homemade soup, as my dinner… I’m excited to start this new adventure. I am a little nervous because I do want to take a leap and make Huel my only source of food. I am a vegan. So I think this is going to be good. I think I’m going to miss chewing though LOL. This is a challenge but I’m going to put up to test. Has anybody in here quit solid food cold turkey ? And if so how has your journey been I could use some pointers. Thank you

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I would say don’t quit cold turkey. There are number of reasons for that, mainly your body may say WTF and you will get unpleasant side effects…

Start with one Huel meal a day for say a week, then two and then three etc… most people don’t use Huel as their 100% food source. I’ve been drinking it for over 3 years twice a day - breakfast lunch, with a more conventional evening meal. I have drunk it 100% for weeks at a time, but it is difficult to do full time; I don’t think I’d want to. Chips and guac are nice occasionally LOL

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I use it for breakfast and lunch and leave everything at work for me to use it. In the evening i have a healthy meal. You can also still snack throughout the day, just keep a watch on the calorie intake and what you are eating. I may have a handful of nuts, some fruit, even some toast. For me, i choose a low calorie high protein and fibre dinner means i still have plenty of calories free to have at least 3-4 different snacks throughout the day, and i make sure the snacks i have are something crunchy in some respects so i still get that feeling. Once you start to see results though you won’t feel so bad about the not chewing as much

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Hi Lola many people have tried going 100% straight off and not had a good experience. Like hunzas says it’s best to start with one a day to gradually get used to the taste and the impact on your body and build up. You can use the search option at the top here to find issues people have had, I used to have headaches in the beginning but not anymore and also toilet habits can change. Make sure you drink plenty of water as well as Huel has a lot of fibre and you can also get chewing gum if you need to chew


I need to clarify this…as a vegan I suggest you stop eating all turkey.


Hey! Thanks i will try it the way you suggest … :blush:

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Thanks! I went on the calorie to see what I should be taking. I want to loose weight that is my goal … so taking in more calories would be no so great ! But I will take in consideration … :grinning:

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Great to have you on the team, Lola! I can see that you’re concerned about using Huel 100%, that’s fair as we don’t recommend you use Huel 100%. Huel is healthy convenience food, meant to be used for your most inconvenient meals. This isn’t a diet solution/program, it’s just healthy food. Those that use Huel to lose weight do so because it’s generally more nutritious than what they were eating before and easy to monitor calorie intake and therefore easy to know you’re in calorie deficit.

Use Huel for those most inconvenient meals, like midweek lunches and breakfasts. Don’t give up the food you love, that’s just not what Huel’s about!