Weight loss

Hi anyone who is thinking of using huel to lose weight, you should definitely give it a go, this is my first week using it, well i say first week when in fact I started Tuesday and I’ve weighed this morning so really it’s been 5 days, I don’t know why but I only weigh myself on a Sunday morning, now I know you lose more in your first week but using huel is so easy to prepare and trying all sorts of different flavours is enjoyable, it’s filling and for those people who like me don’t have time or are too tired to prepare meals who are spending too much money in greggs and don’t want the hassle of counting points on everything you put in your mouth, give this a go!!
I have huel for breakfast and dinner and a healthy tea, and I’ve lost 5lb in 5 days . I can’t wait to weigh next Sunday morning. Thanks JP

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Great feedback; glad you’re doing well

Cheers JP! Good for you. Keep up the hard work.