Introducing myself

Hello there!
I have just ordered my first batch of Huel and am hoping that it will sort out my lack of willpower regarding food. Every morning I wake up and plan to eat sensibly and every day I fail miserably. I did the 5-2 for over a year but just over ate when I wasn’t on a 500 day. Now I am doing 16/8 and as soon as it’s midday I’m stuffing my face :frowning:
I am hoping to change this with Huel.
I am looking forward to starting very much and hopefully buddying up with a like minded someone on here?
I am a 58 mum of 5 and granny to one and another due any day now. I’d like to lose about two stone and am planning to have Huel as a replacement lunch and a sensible dinner. I have not been eating breakfast but will see how it goes…I work full time in social care and Huel should fit in very well with my day to day living.
I look forward to becoming part of this community.
Julie x

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Welcome Juliej.
I have been a two meal a day Hueler for the past two months and I’ve settled into it and totally enjoy it, I do hope you can do the same, don’t be frightened to experiment with consistency, you will soon find out for yourself what suits you. Breakfast is my most important meal and I have 3 scoops (vanilla + flavouring) this lasts for about 5 hours before hunger starts to set in, then ill have another Huel 2 scoops + different flavour for lunch and that lasts me till dinner at around 7pm, couple this with 3 workouts a week at the moment and my plan to lose 1/2klo a week seems to be working.
Best regards
Micky d

Thank you Mickyd and hello!
I will take your advice, although I don’t think I can do it exclusively. I shall have a normal but sensible evening meal. I am excited for my huel to arrive :wink:

I always planned to only have Huel for breakfast and lunch then have a sensible dinner but have found the longer I’ve been using Huel, normal food doesn’t fill me up anymore & end up topping up later in the night, but having just Huel keeps me full all the time.

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Thank you for your reply UK Dan
I’m hoping that a portion of Huel will replace the junk I usually eat at lunchtime once my fast has finished. I’m also hoping that the cost involved will force me to eat healthier dinners, I do that already but I need to ditch the puds :wink: I can’t see me wanting to replace all my food with Huel, I have a family to feed and I don’t want to be the only one having a shake. However I do do shift work so could maybe have a Huel only day once or twice a week.

Shift work is the biggest reason I have so many Huel meals.
Day shift I have
3 scoops for breakfast at about 0430
3 scoops for lunch at 1100-1200
3 scoops for snack/dinner at 1600-1700
Then either 3 scoops or proper dinner at about 2130.

Night shift I have
3 scoops at 1700
3 scoops at 2300
3 scoops at 0500-0600
3 scoops at 1130-1330

If I get peckish between meals I find pressed fruit bars work really well at 92 calories each.