New2Huel: A journey

Hi Everyone, I am new to Huel. Today is day one. I’m 175cm tall and 114Kg heavy. I’m hoping that with Huel the calorie counting will be easier. I go to the gym 1-3 times a week and am hoping to up that level. I am yet to have a shake but I will update once I have. :slight_smile:


I’m interested to follow this - you’re the same height as me but a fair bit heavier.

Are you going 100%?

@Carax I am having one Huel meal for either lunch or dinner time depending and then one healthy meal that is as close to 500 calories as possible. I would like to go Huel full time but at the moment I want to ease myself in. the healthy meals will be high protein and low carb. My total target calorie intake will be 1200 or below.

I have just finished my first Huel meal. the taste is new to my palette. Quite close to a porridge taste. I will definitely be adding some new flavours to the mix as it was very sweet. Next meal will be tonight’s dinner. This will not be Huel to ease me in. I hope to be 100% huel by next Wednesday.

1200 or below for someone your size sounds very small. Do you know what you eat normally?

@Carax no I don’t. I have never tracked it before. With Huel I can keep track a lot eaiser. I have spoken to my doctor today and we have agreed that it is difficult and low but I know my body’s limits and he is gonna call me once a week to keep an eye. After looking at a calculator online to lose 1Kg a week I have to limit myself to 1579 calories a day.

I will keep this thread up to date as much as I can. (I’m aiming for daily)

Ok, best of luck!

1500 sounds more manageable.

So it is day two. Today I added the chocolate flavour boost test sample I have and it wasn’t too bad. Yesterday my total calorie intake was 1125. I’m feeling good today. my stomach was a little odd yesterday but I’m just adjusting to the Huel. I have a few more flavour samples to try, next I’m gonna go for the rhubarb custard one. I also went to the gym for an hour and a half, mostly weight training, it was a good session.

can you post a link for the calculator you used ?

i have a Huel spreadsheet if you would like it which predicts/tracks losses which i have found to be useful so far if you would like me to send it to you ( someone else on the forum made it)