2x Huelers for weight loss

My partner and I have started Huel as of yesterday. Taking the v2.3 vanilla, blended with water. 3 scoops 3x a day. 1 small meal e.g. chicken salad/poached eggs etc. Snacks include cups of tea/coffee/zero sugar drinks/cup-a-soups

Also doing Dry January (obviously?). Tried a small bag of Huel, loved the taste, just bought the next 2 weeks worth each on a reoccuring delivery. Going to do January, if January works well then we will do another month and so on.

Both go to the gym and do weights/cardio 3 times a week. Aim is to loose +/- 1kg a week. Also taking supplements green tea/CLA

Starting weight Me
Age: 28
Weight: 93kg

Starting weight Partner
Age: 42
Weight: 89kg

Weigh-ins will be weekly! :slight_smile:


Good luck! It helps with your motivation when there are two of you doing it :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck from a fellow new user

Hi and good luck to you both! :grinning:

1KG per week is quite a target, what are your caloric targets to achieve this?

I’d guess around 1,000 deficit per day?

It’s an up to target, i expect 0.5-1kg depending on gym sessions and if it is a week of only full shake days or ones with an evening meal. I am basing this target on past weight loss experienced with having a defecit of around 700 calories per day. The 3500 calories per lb is a an inaccurate myth and each person is different and so I’m just going off how it is for me personally.


So far so good. Loving the flavour. Hunger cravings have disappeared compared to the 1st day.

Just took delivery of the next 2 weeks worth.

I would say both of us find the shakes make us a little gassy! However no “toilet issues”. Everything seems normal so that’s a positive :wink:


Go on, you’re amongst friends. You can say ‘fart’ here if you like :smile:


I wanted to do dry January…trouble is after one mouthful I realised powdered Huel just aint right…so added 400ml of liquid…jack Daniels


So Sunday is our weekly weigh in day! So here it is

1st week done
Me: 90.4kg
Loss: 2.6kg
Partner: 85.3kg
Loss: 3.7kg

Now obviously a good amount of that will be water weight as it’s the 1st week. So next weigh in should be more interesting :crossed_fingers:


2nd week done
Me: 89.25kg
Loss: 1.15kg
Partner: 83.8kg
Loss: 1.5kg

So far so good, on track. Currently doing gym 5 times a week


Damn how do you guys make it look so easy to lose that weight? Are you 100% Huel?

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We are Huel twice a day and an evening meal with snacks. Our evening meal is max 500 calories. Snacks 200cals max. We burn 400-700 calories a day exercising. Average daily deficit is around 500cals.

We also take CLA, green tea and satiereal tablets daily.

To be honest, during the day it’s easy. Once home from 5.30pm is when we get hungry. But we support each other and that helps.

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Are you sure you need these with Huel? I stick to a daily 500 calorie deficit, replacing two, sometimes three of my meals with Huel and am losing around 1lb per week no problem.

Probably not Bee, but right now I’m not tinkering with what works :smile:

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Haha fair comment :grin:

Hi I am new to Huel and will be starting at the end of the week.

Its amazing that you have lost 1.15KG in 2 weeks!

do you add flavour to it?

I have 30lbs to lose in 4 months but need as much advice as possible.
I want to do a 1200 cal a day diet and wanted to replace breakfast and lunch with a Huel shake.

Actually I have lost 3.75kg in 2 weeks. Sorry if it’s not obvious, each weekly weigh in is that week’s loss, not a cummulation of all the prior weeks. However expect my rate of weight loss to drastically decrease, the start is always huge amounts and I expect it to get less each week.

I add no flavours no, like the vanilla taste alone. 30lbs in 4 months is do-able, but you’d have to be really strict. There’d be no room for cheat days or alcohol at all.


What are your stats?

30lb in 4 months is a hell of a challenge!

Edit: Actually, don’t want to derail… Maybe make another thread, would be an interesting journey to follow.

It certainly is! I have done 3 months and lost 17lbs so far. I am really pleased with that.