I love Huel!

Hi All!

I thought I would start up a thread to share my thoughts and experiences while also gaining some advice.

I started using Huel a few days ago, I love it!
It tastes amazing and actually feels like a treat.
I look forward to having it!

I have been using 2/3 times a day. (4 parts Water and 3 scoops per shake)
I tend to eat 4 meals a day.

I love it, however, it isn’t filling me up, I am still hungry after.
Considering 3 scoops put’s you over 460kl i would rather not be adding another scoop.
I am trying to stay under 1500kl a day so i can lose 0.8kg a week. (Myfitnesspal Calculation)

My main goal is Fat loss while maintaining Muscle.
I have tried lots of diets/cutting plans and nothing i have been able to stick to.

I feel like Huel could be great for me and the trick i am looking for, however I’m not sure i will get everything i need from it.

Id love to hear from active people who also go to the gym and their Huel experience.
Do the shakes start to feel you up more, do you get used to the smaller portions?

Thanks Guys!


Thanks for the feedback, welcome to the Forum! Great to have you on the team! So pleased that you are loving the taste and generally enjoying your experience.

Satiety is a difficult one as a lot of it is psychological, you may just be craving other stuff. However what I find useful is splitting my lunch in two, then I consume it as two small meals rather than one. I also like to have my Huel quite thick and find this helps fill me up more.

How big of a deficit is 1500kcal for you? Is that -500kcal/day, -1000kcal/day? It could be too drastic and might be worth reducing the deficit a bit.

Let us know if that works/doesn’t help at all. You’ve got this!

Hi Tim,
Thanks for your reply.
Its around a 600kl deflect.

I think you are right, i am very used to big portions and often eat until i am full, something that needs to change for me to be able to see results.

One question i do have, also of my my friends who i recommend HUEL to is:
The carb intake is pretty high per shake, surely this delay weight loss results?

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Don’t worry about the carbs, I always say don’t fear them…

Carbs are fuel for cardio and gym work
protein builds/recovers muscles.

Its important to just focus on a deficit at the end of the day of ideally 500 calories, but I would say no more than 800 at the absolute worst, anything else is too severe

How are you tracking your deficit? Fitness tracker?

Hi Bingledee,

I try not to worry about carbs as i know they are crucial for energy, i just worried if i should be consuming less daily than the amount in 3 shakes and some food.

I use MyFitnessPal, i have done for a longtime, it makes it very easy to track and gives me good hope with its estimated weights of 5 weeks time when you complete a check in.

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Completely agree, MFP is a brilliant tool, I use my apple watch as well though (and have used fitbit before) because I like to see exactly where I am in my deficit, so that if I have burned 2200 calories per day by doing all my activities, including living breathing and sleeping, then I know that I need to be on 1700 cals food for the day entered into MFP

I can see HUEL being a simple way for me to hit these, am not interested in Macro breakdown at the minute, and feel low carb regimes a nightmare to manage physically, in fact if I have had a pretty intensive day (for example doing the Parkrun on a Saturday) i’ll eat more carbs to make sure the deficit stays where it should

I’m having my first HUEL meal today at lunch, the coffee one… kills 2 birds with one stone, coffee and lunch, which gives me more free time for my 1 hour lunch to chill