Fat loss for the long haul!

Hi as a new Hueler, I’m debating on going 100% Huel. I want to loose fat so at 5ft 4inch and 89kg I’ve a way to go! I think I need to limit my calories to 1,000 as my mobility isn’t good. Could I use 3 scoops huel for breakfast and lunch and have a huel bar for evening meal? i’m going to try and do 2 weeks initially as I’m on holiday for 2 weeks after that (will try to not over indulge) then I may opt for a longer term solution by just using heul for 2 meal replacements. So far I’m enjoying all the products and haven’t felt cravings to eat inbetween meals. I’d be interested to see if anyone else has tried it, please let me have your thoughts, I’m also new to posting on forums :blush:

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Maybe aim for 1500 cals per day to avoid panic or starvation mode.

Weigh yourself every single day at exactly the same time, perhaps after your morning toilet trip. Log this in my fitness pal which will build you a nice graph. If you lose too much, step up calories, lose too little, step down the calories OR be more thorough in your calorie tracking.

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Hey Sue, thanks for choosing Huel and welcome to the family!

We have a useful Guide To Fat Loss which will help you out. Just work out how many calories you require currently to maintain your weight, then take away 500kcal and that should be your target each day. You may be able to increase the deficit to 750-1000kcal later if you feel up to it.

Good luck and keep us posted here :smiley:

Thanks for the comments all, so far I’m trying 1500 a day and after my first week have lost 3kg so I’m happy with that.:blush::running_woman:


3KG in a week ! is that not too much too fast ?

Well I thought that would probably slow down, it’s just my first week. If it continues I’ll add in more Huel but I’m weighing myself every couple of days to keep an eye on the weight loss initially. I’ve only had 100% Huel for three days, the rest of the time I’ve been eating normally at night. I wasn’t sure though what was a good amount to loose a week. 4 stone goal seems a long way away but I don’t want to loose too fast, I want it to stay off! I’m thinking it’ll take a year to reach my goal probably.

I wouldn’t fret about the 3KG. It’s likely the reduction in sodium in your diet releasing water weight. Another chap in another thread dropped 5KG over a similar period.


I too have just started the huel journey and after reading other posts decided to do one meal replacement a day and gradually increase to two with a meal in the evening…
i bought the vanilla huel and have added the tofffee flavour and find it fine …
First time doing a blog so looking for support on what i expect to be a long haul
Was stagnating trying to calorie count …so working on 1470 calories with one meal replacement to start …
Still play tennis and have started nordic walking but want to do a swimming session for increased non weight bearing exercise…
5’ 5" 96 KG so long way to go to optimum bmi
Any suggestions to aid success welcome…

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Hi, Tmb this is my blog, I’m also in this for long haul…

best wishes…