Huel newbie - Weekly weight loss

Hi all,
I’m new to Huel. I’m going to post here my evolution. Before starting I’ve been reading some similar weight loss journeys, I hope to success like a lot of people I’ve seen here!

40 years old. 185cm and 108kg (sorry guys, I’m from Barcelona, metric system). I exercise once per week (If I have time) and I’m in a very stressful situation for familiar issues. I’ve seen that 2500kcal is the maintain situation, so I’m trying to cut it to 1500kcal or so.

So far, my first week has been good with Huel, starting with only 1 Huel meal, and I’ll try with 2 since today. No bowels issues, no headache issues BUT I’ve found myself starving a little bit between breakfast and lunch and after dinner (the dinner situation is not strange, as long as I’m having very healthy dinners with no junk food like the last month, my stomach is very clever and wants some shit haha).

Dreamy situation: losing 20kg. In my young time I’ve always been between 85 and 95 kg.

I’d be chuffed with losing 10 during this year. 2,5kg per month would be great.

Next Monday I’ll post the weekly scale update and all the intakes of the week.


Hope you enjoy the journey … 20kg is quite a lot to lose … 10kg target would be better and when you reach that … set another target…
Good to have you onboard the Huel train !

Keep us updated and good luck

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Hey David, welcome to the Huel Forum! You’ll find a wealth of information here and loads of lovely people looking to help you out!

Thanks for posting about your goals and general experiences

2500kcal is a very general government recommendation and although it is a good starting point isn’t necessarily perfect for you. Huel is really adaptable so you can have as much or as little as you want. Judging by your anthropometry I think you require 2807kcal/day to maintain your weight - not 2500. Therefore cutting that intake to 1500kcal/day is too much.

We recommend a 500-1000kcal deficit for controlled and maintainable weight loss - 1807-2307kcal/day for you.

I think this will also help with that hunger you’re experiencing between breakfast and lunch.

Good luck and keep us posted :slight_smile: You’ve got this!

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If you want to know what’s working for me, as a 6’1" guy who weighs 240 lbs (about 110 kg or 17.15 stone), I’ve been having four servings of Huel per day, a little less than 2000 kcal (I had been using the scoop and found that three scoops came to about 100g, so now I’m using the scale but going for about 110-112g per serving, so more than the 400 cal in 100g but less than the 500 cal in 125g). At the end of the day I’ve probably had between 1800 and 2000 cal, and then when I get hungry in the evening, I use my air popper to pop about 1/4c of corn kernels into popcorn and add a bit less than a tablespoon of melted butter and a bit of salt. It’s a nice snack, and plenty bulky to satisfy my need to “feel full”.

I find that when I do that, my weight slowly comes off.

Oh, and as Tim said, you can always adjust for yourself. If you do something like I suggested and after a week or two you aren’t seeing a pound or two down consistently, you can adjust the huel back to 100g per serving, or 90g. If you are having other issues with being able to maintain and the weight is coming off faster than it needs to, adjust it up to the 125g. Because it’s powder, it’s really easy to adjust. Just remember that each 25g is approximately 100cal. Figure out how many calories you want to be eating to slowly and healthfully lose weight, divide that by 100, and that’s how many 25g “serving-pieces” you can have.

Heya and welcome! I’m not far off from you (177cm, now 111kg - from 118.5kg two months ago), with an ultimate weightloss goal of 40kgs. I eat between 1,450 and 1,600 kcal a day, replace 1-2 meals with Huel. I found it important to set intermediate goals - break it down into 5kg steps, maybe, and make sure to celebrate your progress or reward yourself (ideally not with food, though!). The journey might be faster and easier than expected; I’m definitely thinking so. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

@Tim_Huel and @Liam1965 thanks for the tips. Last 2 days have not been exactly healthy due to work & family commitments, Monday I’ll be more back on track.

@Vash congratulations for your achievements, certainly someone to be mirrored in. I also think that keeping myself in the same routine that I’ve been the first week, I’ll success. On Monday, when I hit the scale, I’m quite sure than I’ll have lost more than 1kg

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Week 1 summarize
-No problems at all with the transition to Huel. My bowels accpeted it even when I had 2 Huels per day.
-Some days I starved a little bit, but It’s due to the fact that I reduced too much my calorie intake.
-Deffinitely a fan Huel, at least meanwhile I’m trying to lose weight. Not being a deit product, It’ undeniable that mentally it helps you to commit yourself to be stronger when it comes to avoid junk food.
-Scale veredict: 106.5kg. Considering I’ve had way too many cheat meals over the weekend, I think it’s great news for me. Next week, the goal is 105kg.

I’ve written down al my calorie intake of the week. Maybe not exact at all, but if its helpful for someone…



Week 2 summarize
-I bit of starving, but less than week 1.
-Definitely loving pineapple & coconut flavour.
-Scale veredict: 105.8kg. I was hoping for the 105.0 mark but I’ve let myself go during the weekend, so Its’s ok, not feeling guilty at all. After some dieting, cheat meals taste way better than when you are the whole week on sugar. Next week, the goal is 104kg.

This week, I’m sure the calorie intake counter is not very precise


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Can I just take a moment to appreciate how beautifully you’ve organised your food diary into charts :’) Warms my Type A soul :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s all about organisation! Anyway is not perfect at all, because sometimes a forget to write down “little” cheat meals that happens from time to time.

Weekly Update:

I’ve found myself that using Wasa with braised turkey fills myself more or less like a 2-scoops Huel and is less caloric, so I’m using it more for breakfast instead of Huel. Helped me a lot this week, when I had a MASSIVE lunch with awesome Paella. Not feeling guilty at all! Lovin’ cheat days (as long as I keep losing weight).

Scale verdict: 104.2kg. 200g over my goal. Not a problem at all. Goal for next week: 102.5kg. Will not be easy, considering I’m attending a soccer game of FC Barcelona with my 5-year old son so, expect pop-corn, French fries, sausages and Coke…

Find below last week intake.



As expected, I’ve not reached my goal, but I was expecting that. I also guess that after the first month with huel where I’ve lost 5 kg in 27 days (11 pounds), the loss will be slower from now on, but as long as I keep losing a bit every week is fine for me.

Find enclosed this week chart. From now on I’ll post my advances monthly.


Sameeee!!! Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I hope it’s been going well!

Do you have any updates for us? I’m about to start something similar and would love to know what worked and didn’t work :blush: