Planning on doing a 31 day Huel experiment

Hello everyone,

I’m kinda seeking advise, how to begin this journey.

I’ve read and read and I just want to make sure I’m right before I start.

So to tell you a little about my self… I’m a male living in a small apartment, with no kitchen really. I’m 190 cm tall and have a “massive” weight of 160kg.

I want to start with huel and eat huel only. So far I’ve calculated that I need 15.5kg of huel a month, to stay at around 2000 calories a day. If I’m correct, this is 500g of huel a day, right?

Is it viable living only on huel? And is there anything I should take, beside huel?


Given your weight (and don’t get offended here) I am going to assume you still eat excessively. With that in mind I would recommend not going 100% Huel straight away. Your body will find it too difficult and you may end up quitting a few days in. Instead, try one meal of Huel to begin with. When your body is happy with it, try replacing 2 meals and so on until you’re on 100% Huel. It might take you a month just to do that alone, but it’ll be worth it.


I too have used Huel for weight loss. Not as heavy as you but I went for 1500 calories a day and found it very very hard. Stuck with it but nearly didn’t. I would say replace breakfast and lunch first for a few weeks then have a go at replacing the week meals (Mon-Fri) and stick with normal meal for Sat and Sun night - but have a healthy one.

Given your weight, you’d need 2018 cals (480g of unflavoured Huel a day) to lose 1Kg per week (2.2 lbs). To maintain your weight you must be consuming over 3000 calories, dropping 1000 in one go will be very very hard. Having said that, irf you’re like me and have issues with volume of food, then Huel really does give you a way of controlling your intake of calories very accurately - you’ll need to be really honest with yourself, set a target that is physically possible and be very strong


Hello again guys,

Thank you for your replies.

I know it will be hard, but I have once done this before. The circumstances in my life, made me gain it back after 6 years tho. But I will not let that defeat me. Feeling hungry and eating the same food over and over, is no problem for me at all.

I like your idea RDW and I will consider it mate.

But if I do go full ham on Huel, is it correct I would have to consume 500g of Huel a day?

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Hi :blush: I’m doing 30 days for September on Huel. We have different starting points but clearly both have the determination! Others have told me to be slow and steady but I know myself and I trust that you know yourself too. The only thing I would be concerned about for you is (and kick me if I’m wrong) filling the void. How often do you eat in a day? What do you typically eat and what are your portion sizes like? I’m used to doing intermittent fasting so hunger isn’t a big deal for me and before Huel I would only eat once or twice a day. But if you’re coming from eating large volumes regularly then you may feel at odds physically and psychologically for a while.

Perhaps you could consider beefing your Huel shakes up with fruit (making sure you calculate that into your RDA) to fill you up until your stomach shrinks?

You can find my thread “One Month Huel Challenge”. Feel free to privately message me too if you would like support :blush:

Wishing you all the best!

OK to answer the question you asked. 100g of Huel will give you 400kcal so 500g of Huel will, indeed, give you 2000kcals. As others suggested you might want to add fruit or cocoa to flavour it (my favourite breakfast is 500ml water with 80g Huel and 50g of peanut butter! - that might go some way to explain why I’m not losing any weight :smiley: )

Best of luck, I think I’m probably going to do 30days of September Huel …


3 scoops 4 times a day, have a bit of fruit as well.

Roughly 2000cal per day there. Simple.

Go 100% from day one, no need to mess around.

Leave your house and go walk for an hour, half hour away from and and half hour back is like doing nothing. That’ll burn around 400 cal and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals! :+1: