Replacing food with huel

Any help would be appreciated,
I started on huel replacing two meals a day with a one scoop mix, after a week I went to zero food and four one scoop huels per day, have been doin this for 4 weeks now and lost only 9lb, am I doin something wrong as you’d think it’d be falling off me, thank you in advance

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Yikes! That sounds like a dangerous game. ~616 calories a day is nothing. I would think it would be falling off too. Be careful!

That low calories; your body is going to go into starvation mode and drastically slow down your metabolism.

You’d be better working out your TDEE and then running a slight calorie deficit rather than huge reductions.

Surviving on ~600 calories a day is not a sustainable or healthy route to weight loss. Losing weight is not a sprint and you’re more likely to fall off the wagon trying to do it fast, possibly because you’ve made yourself ill. Losing weight will be the natural result of a small calorie deficit while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet.

To more accurately work out how many calories you need you need to tell us who you are. M/F, height, weight, lifestyle etc. Based on the guidelines of 2500kcal for males and 2000 for females you want to be consuming a deficit of ~500kcal per day. 3500kcal equates to around 1lb of body fat per week.

1-2lb per week is a healthy and sustainable amount to lose. People often lose more in their first week due to water retention but that’s a one off.

Please, eat some more food or Huel.


Err…Huel is food.

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Yeah I worked all that out weight height an calorie etc and was doin fine with eating one meal a day, jus thought if I ramped it up it would work quicker, am new to this diet game so a lesson learned I guess, thank you for your reply though, most helpful

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In powdered for yesyou have a point, but it’s not a meal is it!

Now look what you’ve started!

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If it’s not a meal…what is it?

Sorry Alec it was advice I was after not shoddy sarcasm,!

I was genuinely interested as to what you think it is if it is not a meal, or food. I eat Huel to replace cereal or toast for breakfast, and to replace soup, or a salad or a sandwich or whatever for lunch. Two meals to replace two meals.

But hey if you want some advice…if you are using four x one scoops a day as your sole nutrition and you are not losing much weight, you need to check it is a scoop not a shovel you are using (there a bit of sarcasm as well as advice). :slight_smile:


Yes the weight should be coming off really fast with such a low calorie intake. Are you weighing yourself at the same time wearing the same clothes?

But I agree with the rest, best to let it come off slowly and gently with a slight calorie defecit, it’ll be better for your health

Check out Michael Mosley’s 800 calories for 8 weeks. You probably need to eat more. I can’t even imagine what a shake is like with only one scoop of Huel. Why are you making it so thin?