Want to lose a stone

Hey all :slight_smile:
I’m new to Huel (it’s been a week and a half) and so far I’m loving it!
I’m currently 11 stone 6, 5 foot 6, 27 years old, female. I have a sedentary job but I get to walk about a bit from place to place, and I’m trying to get consistent movement into my daily routine. I have a gym membership I don’t use enough (oops!) but this is a good habit I’m hoping to form.

I have ADHD and I’m a compulsive eater - I have a sweet tooth and I feel tired if I don’t eat something sweet. Bloods are all fine, no diabetes etc, just eat too much sugar. So far huel has helped me stop snacking and is keeping me full.

I want to get down to 10 stone 6 (I have a fair bit of muscle, but also a fair bit of fat!)
So my question is: how do I do it the huel way?

Apparently 1 level scoop of huel is 157 calories (is this correct?)
I’ve been having 2.5 scoops with 200ml soya milk and the rest water for breakfast and lunch, and then a good 600ish calorie meal for dinner. I’ve also been having some non-huel snack bars in between (1 or 2 a day at 175 calories a bar).
Is this ideal? Should I lower? Am I getting it right?

Any suggestions would be really helpful!

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Hi – judging by the info you said – it’s really just a case of making sure you are burning more calories off than what you are taking. There are many online calculators for guestimating this so the figures you gave roughly equate to this:

Maintain Weight: 1786 Lose Weight: 1429 Lose Weight Fast:1072

Generally – cutting your daily calories by 500 equites to 1 pound of weight loss per week. Exercising will accelerate this but making sure you’re not adding to your muscle mass which will actually make you seem heavier even if you’re leaner :slight_smile:

I found that generalised exercising such as swimming or on a good rowing machine serves this purpose. I also moved my desk at work up a few floors so I have to take the stairs many times during the day which sounds trivial but actually helps a lot.


I too started eating Huel to lose some weight, but also to go greener and just to see what eating the same food day-in day-out was like (I think we’ll all be eating that way in 50 years due to lack of resources). I can identify with some of what you say.
I believe I need about 2000 cal per day to maintain weight (86kg, 176cm male). I have 3 meals of 3 scoops per day in water (1500 cal) on Monday - Friday, and eat normal food at weekends, mainly so I share in family meals and keep in touch with typical food. I cycle to work burning about 700 cal each day (so my fitbit tells me) and I don’t feel hungry. My thought process was that if all my food on weekdays must be Huel then snacking is eliminated (beware of how many calories are accumulated in a days worth of snacks!!). I’m managing to lose weight steadily due to the slight deficit in calories and the exercise. But I do struggle at weekends with snacking. I find that mixing ‘real’ food amongst Huel meals gives me a license to snack - I can always find a reason why this snack bar should legitimately form part of the last meal I had… and it also adds in high-glycemic-index food into the mix which undoes a lot of what Huel is good for (slow release of energy without spiking blood sugar levels). I think if I mixed Huel and ‘real’ food each day I wouldn’t be able to get out of the snacking habit - because that’s what it was for me - a habit. If I was careful at weekends I would lose much more weight, but I’m still losing weight (just). I can’t say what will work for you, but a Huel-only diet 5 days a week in order to force out a snacking habit is working very well for me.
Good luck, whichever way you try!


Actually I forgot to say - I started Huel 7 days a week for 4 weeks. I ate nothing but Huel to force a break in my habit of snacking. It worked wonders and wasn’t an ordeal at all, but I stopped at weekends to give me more of a balance so when visiting friends or having friends round at weekends, I didn’t have to break any rules! Adding a bit more flavour boost than stated helps make it sweeter - that sorts out a sweet tooth without resorting to sugary snacks :wink:


I would also recommend drinking a glass of water, plain or flavoured, after having your Huel meal, it will help your stomach/bowel movements, and help you lose weight.
I lost 8kg in the first 3 months and steadied out after that. I was 85kg, I’m a regular cyclist, do manual work, and use Huel, mixed with milk, as my only meals. I’ve not felt this good in a long time.
Be patient with Huel and you’ll definitely see the benefits.

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Hey! Yeah I’m doing 2x Huel meals a day all week, including weekends. I don’t mind so much not having solid food for breakfast or lunch, never been something I enjoyed much!
I got myself some of that skyr yogurt for snacking and I have some breakfast/snack bars. I’ve been tempted by chocolate a bit but I’m beginning to see how not worth it it is… slow progress, but it’s worth it! Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Yeah I’m using Fabulous app to get myself into good habits and drinking more water is one of them! I find half mixing huel with milk and water is great for hydration too :slight_smile:

Yes! I’ve been adding sweetener to my shakes and just got the flavour booster samples :smile:

I’d recommend weighing your Huel for at least 1 day (if not every day) to see what YOUR way of using the scoop makes on the scales, so you have realistic numbers. Measuring a powder is not very exact, as it can be more or less compressed.
Then calculate a whole day of your intake.

To me 80g Huel with 400ml of water is a good portion size for a satiating meal. Makes ~325 cals per meal.

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That’s a good idea, I don’t pack mine much but would be good to know the exact measurements!