New to Huel - how to start?

Hi there, so I’m waiting on my first delivery, am super excited!

My main goal initially with Huel is weight loss, but ultimately myself and my husband are looking to adopt a much healthier relationship with food.

Due to ongoing medical issues, arthritis and hyper mobility, I’m unable to exercise much so initially will be relying on diet alone to drop weight. I’m aiming for 1lb per week.

So looking at my bmi etc, I need to be eating approximately 1200 calories a day to lose 1lb per week. My issue is that according to what I’ve read a “standard” Huel portion is 500calories. I want to have two Huel shakes a day plus a “normal” healthy meal in the evening.

How is that possible for me? Should I reduce the amount of Huel per serving? If so has anyone else found a good serving size so that you still feel full, but the weight comes off?

Any advice welcome.

Thank you


Hiya! Welcome to Huel :))

A 450kcal shake (112.5g) keeps me full for about 4-5h, so if you do 2 400kcal shakes (100g), you’ll still have 400kcal for dinner :slight_smile:

If you’re new to lower calorie cooking, there’s a reddit thread /r/1200isplenty if you need inspiration! :slight_smile:

Also, a little hunger isn’t something to be afraid of, if you’re cutting cals to lose weight it’s only natural your body sends you hunger signals to get you to eat more to maintain your weight :wink:

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Welcome to the forum and to the Huel Community, great to have you on the team :slight_smile:

500kcal is purely a good starting point for most, if you need to eat less then you can just reduce the amount of Huel you eat! There’s no perfect way for everyone and we all have different requirements.

Aim for around 190ml per scoop and you won’t go far wrong. Below are some links to using Huel for weight loss:

Hope this helps!

Thanks! So on day one officially, got my first delivery yesterday. My only concern so far is how sweet the huel is - I have the vanilla huel, and the sample flavour pack. I find the flavours really sweet, but not sure if that’s coming from them or the vanilla huel, will probably order unflavoured next time and mix and match.

I’ve subscribed to the monthly ordering, how soon will that be ordered, and can I change it to unflavoured?

Also I was really surprised at how thick this all is, especially when you use milk! So I’m using water for the first few days and will see how that goes.

Having the coconut and pineapple (only half the flavour sachet) this morning and going down a treat!

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Check out our Subscription Guide, specifically the section about “Flavour split”.

  1. Firstly, login to your Huel account, or create one if you don’t already have one.
  2. Click “Manage Subscription Flavours”
  3. Amend the number of bags and flavour mix using the drop down menus
  4. Click update subscription

Hope this helps!

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Hey Marion just spotted your post, I’m new to Huel too and wondered how you got on, I also have hypermobility and various health issues that make exercising a real challenge - is it working out for you? Also find it very, very sweet so going to try unflavoured next too!

I have 2 x Huel per day. 75g in each, with 300ml of water. So around 300 kcals per meal.
I then have a normal evening meal and a couple of snacks.

I love Huel for breakfast as I can’t face food until 10/11am. It seems to be doing the trick as I’m no longer grumpy and irritable by lunchtime.

Try just two scoops with water once a day or once every other day for a week, and build up slowly each week to the plan you want.

No gut of fart problems here cos I WASH IT DOWN with a glass of WATER after, too. It helps. Especially if you like yr Huel thick.

I have had 1/2 large intestine removed (4 yrs ago) and was initially concerned that it was either going to go straight through me or make me bloated and constipated. Nope. Got lucky.

sighs I wish this stuff had existed 30 years ago.

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