Weight Loss HELP

Hey everyone very pleased with my first order of Huel and I was wondering what everyone’s schedules of drinking Huel are. I’m also interested to hear from people doing it 100%.
I’m also slightly confused about what quantities of Huel I should be using. I get the 5:1 ratio. So am I right in thinking it should be 1000ml and two scoops to have for lunch? For larger meals should i be drinking lots of fluid with lots of scoops.
Any help to this newbie would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I tend to weigh my huel. I have 500ml of water with 100g of huel. 100g is roughly 2 heaped scoops. If I’m not able to weigh then 2 flat scoops is about 80g. If I’m having a 100% huel day I’ll have 3-4 meals of 500 water and 100g huel. My breakfast huel also has 50g of nut butter in it.


1000ml and two scoops will be absolutely disgusting! I normally use 3 scoops with 400ml, or 4 scoops with 450ml. This produces a super gloopy Huel which, coming from whey protein and oat shakes, I adore.

However, as Nik said above, for those who want a less thick shake I’d go 500ml per 100g :slight_smile:

If your goal is weight loss, download My Fitness Pal and track calories. Huel is in their food database, so it’s easy enough. Make sure you choose v2.0.

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That’s where I’ve been going wrong. I’ve been counting three level scoops as 100g since I broke my scales.

One scoop is 38g. I’ve been aiming for 1.5k calories, with 2 shakes that contain 1x38g scoops of Huel in. One for breakfast, one for lunch. I find that this still fills me up even with only the one scoop. I usually drink my breakfast one at about 7am, and am hungry again by about 12pm, but usually hang on until 1pm for the lunch one. Then I’m usually about ready for my dinner at 6/6:30pm when I get home. I then eat whatever I like within reason for dinner! This seems to consistently keep me well under the 1.5k calorie mark. Some days I’ve only had 1.1k or so if I’ve had a particularly light dinner! Which isn’t really recommended I don’t think but I’ve been okay with it…

Now I’ve got some new scales though I can weigh different amounts. I’ll most likely go up to 50g for breakfast, and hopefully I wont be hungry again by 12pm! The gap between lunch and dinner isn’t too bad, but I may up that to 50g too. So I’ll be on 100g per day of Huel, then a standard evening meal that ranges from 500-900 calories!

1 scoop is under 200 calories - and if you’re having only one for breakfast and another one for lunch… that’s nowhere near enough for the day (regardless of your dinner) I think you should reconsider your numbers. It’s not just about ‘how full you are’, but getting the right values/quantity in you.

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I also take supplements to ensure I’m getting enough of the vast majority of my vitamins and minerals. Which is far more than I was doing before! Previously I’d have toast every morning and some kind of baguette for lunch. That’s only slightly more calories and contains nowhere near the nutrients that Huel does. I try not to get too hung up on percentages and numbers. I go by how I feel, and I’ve felt full, energetic and my concentration at work is much improved so I’m not too worried just yet!

I will be upping my numbers slightly, but as I say, I feel 100% healthier than before!