Help needed for a newbie

Hi Just started on Huel today for weight loss. My height is 165 cm and weight 105kg. I don’t exercise but I work as a nurse so always active at work. Don’t know where to start from sorry if my questions had already been answered previously.

  1. Is the 570mls water and 3 Scoop of Huel for 24hrs or per each meal I.e breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  2. How soon will I start noticing the effect.

Thank you

3 scoops is the suggested starting point per meal- and the number of meals per day depends on how many calories you want to be consuming as different people need different amounts. The amount of liquid you add is to taste, but it’s a good idea to drink plenty of water when using huel cos it has lots of fibre in that absorbs water.
Most people who use it for weight loss seem to have huel for breakfast and lunch, then have a healthy evening meal of normal food. Some will have 2 scoops in a huel meal, some will have 3, some more and some weigh exact quantities.

Effects vary between people- some people feel ‘better’ in some way within a couple of days, with weight loss following within a month, some have a transition period where they have digestive issues for a week or so. It really depends on what your diet is/was like before.


I’m halfway through week 1 now and i train 4 times per week. On the non training days (yesterday) i had 3x3 scoop Huel with 250 calorie snacks. On a a training day (Monday & today) i’m having 2x3 scoop Huel, Breakfast & Lunch then this evening i will have a balanced healthy meal and a snack of about 150 calories if i need it. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

What ever works for you but calories in & calories out are fairly important losing weight, I’m no expert & can only go with my personal experience, but I’ve been using Huel for about 4 months now & have lost around 3 stone.
I wear an activity tracker on my wrist to count my steps & record sleep, I also use a couple of free smartphone apps to measure converted exercise to calories burnt & record what I’ve eaten / calories in.
These are my normal meals.

Day shift I have
3 scoops for breakfast at about 0430
3 scoops for lunch at 1100-1200
3 scoops for snack/dinner at 1600-1700
Then either 3 scoops or proper dinner at about 2130.

Night shift I have
3 scoops at 1700
3 scoops at 2300
3 scoops at 0500-0600
3 scoops at 1130-1330

Days off are normally about the same as night shifts.
I aim for 1750 calories a day to lose 1.5lb a week & then depending on how much exercise I get will determine how many calories I earn back, this can be upto 2500 some days giving me a 4000 calorie intake. But 5000-10,000 steps a day is normal which is about 700 calories.

I’ve probably made it sound complicated but apps make it really easy to stay on top of it.