Hot to take huel, quantity, how and when to loose weight!

hello every one, today i finally got huel for the first time, i have ordered enough to have 2 huel meals (lunch and dinner) per day for 28 days!

my info 33 yo man, lightly active 178cm 111kg
i am going to the gym for 40-50 minutes from monday to friday everyday doing cardio to loose as much as i can this month and motivate myself

i bought huel as a calories control and to loose weight, therefore my idea is to take 3 scoops for lunch and dinner, plus normal breakfast with 300ml of milk and 4 rusks. i also drink 2 liters of water, plus the one mixed with huel for a total of 3 liters. (this is my plan at the moment)

i am looking to cut as much as possible, or at least try. i have been going up and down with my weight since i can remember, and i want this to end for good. this month of huel is a trial, to see if i like it and if i can handle and keep my plan on schedule.

what bothers me is the quantity of huel i should take, how to prepare, as an example, i made already a shaker for tomorrow lunch and put in the fridge, with 500ml of water and 3 scoops of huel, and it taste great honestly! can u guy please tell me how much a scoop weights and how many calories contains? i saw on the box that 100gr of huel is 400 calories, so 3 scoops according to the box should be 114 grams of huel therefore is 456 calories, am i right? (i am honestly disappointed of the low amount of explaination given)

if you have any idea, thoughts or suggestions, please i am here to start a journey and a friend a long would be good. i am also using my fitness pal to keep records an track of everything.
thanks alessandro

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1 scoop is 38g which is 152 calories, I have 3 scoops in 400ml water, just takes some experimenting to find what you like the most. I use myfitnesspal too, I am going to start intermittent fasting aswell to lose some weight and get into a healthy mindset with food. You will do good with Huel :slight_smile:

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How long have u been doing it? Do you have any tips?

I’ve been on it for just over a month, got my second lot of bags last week. Something I always like doing is blending the Huel and putting banana into it aswell. Blueberries are nice too. Just experiment :slight_smile:

How much calories are u Cutting from normal diet and how much have u lost in a month?

Someone can tell me his experience please?

There’s a lot of posts and diaries in the forum with peoples experiences, a lot of great inspiration
E.g this one : Overweight sugar addict trying Huel for the first time!

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