New consumer help needed

Hello there
I am new new to Huel and had a couple of questions !

I wanted to use Huel to help me lose fat according to the calorie calculator i need 2,272 Calories/day to maintain my weight.
and I need 1,772 Calories/day to lose 0.5 kg per week.

I am eating chicken or lean red meat in the evenings with veg, but I am bit stuck on how much Huel I should be consuming (maths was never my strong point)

I have started with two scoops for breakfast an two for lunch is this correct ?

I know this sounds like a stupid question but I can never get me head round calculations as I spend so much time trying to work it out I kind of get lost !

Any help appreciated

One level scoop of Huel is 38g = 152 calories (vanilla); 157 calories (unflavoured/unsweetened)

This page might be useful:

Each scoop is around 160 calories. So you are on 640 cal of Huel. According to your required calorie intake calculations your chicken/meat/veg meal would have to be 1132 calories which is highly unlikely.

I would go 3 scoops 3 times a day which would equal around 1500 calories, I would for arguments sake work 3 scoops to be 500 calories. Add to that your normal meal and youll be on around 2000 calories which would be ideal for you in my opinion.

Go 200 odd calories below what you think you require to maintain current weight. If you go 500 lower you will lose weight initially but then your metabolism will slow down to compensate and you’ll be stuck and obviously you cant keep lowering calories. Maybe after a few weeks add 30g of pea protein which will probably be around 100-150 cal.

Go 200 lower and workout or walk or run or whatever. Even walking for an hour which is only leaving your house, walking half hour then walking back will burn 400 odd calories. You need to burn that weight off not starve it. Have a simple a to z multi vit with 100% rda values.

Also get an audiobook about something youre interested in or want to learn about that you simply havent had time to read, then youre killing two birds with one stone! Or a podcast, I highly recommend Dan Carlins Hardcore History, start with the Wrath of the Khans, even if youre not into history these are gripping and youll be looking forward to your walks just to hear the next parts :+1:


Thanks ! great to have some advice !

I’m on 1,800 a day. I split 2x122g shakes (500 cals each) into four meals, 7.30am 12pm 3pm and 5pm. The remaining 800 cals I use for evening meal and snacks.

If you were looking to be really specific about your day, it might be useful to work out the amount of calories in your evening meal. For me, I have some meals that never really change, so I have worked out on a meal planning program what it contains. You wouldn’t have to do it every day but just having an idea might be useful.

Although I have never used it myself, the Huelers here seem to rate My Fitness Pal quite highly, however I expect there are others. I use a program called Nutritics which is used by National and International sporting bodies and is very good.

This would involve you weighing your food out for a meal, but once it is done you will have an idea! Hope this helps.