Am I dosing huel right?

I’m starting huel today (2 weeks in a row, no extra meal, I know its not recommended for a start but as I can’t negociate with myself I’d rather be all-in. Otherwise I’ll just end up eating the daily crap).
176 pounds (80kg)
5.7 feet (173cm)
I’m maybe just confirming basic math here, but I’m going for 1500 cal /day ~= 10 scoops = 2.5 scoops * 4/day.

Does that sounds good ?


(I forgot to mention : I exercice 2-3 times a week and spend the rest of my day either sitting at work or sleeping)

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for choosing Huel. If you want to go all in straight away then that is completely up to you, you may just get a bit windy!

It sounds like you aren’t aiming for enough calories, 1500 is not enough to maintain your body weight. Although I recommend you do the sums yourself on this calorie calculator, I have done it and guessed your age at 25. It says you should be consuming 2422 kcal to maintain your weight.

Therefore you should be having about 600g of Huel per day. Approximately 15 scoops if each of your scoops are exactly 38g! You can break that up however you want through the day!

Hope this helps.

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