Weight lose

I am looking at buying Huel and i want to find out if it would be good for fat loss i did the marco calcuator and it says i need 2856cal. i have a active job as im a postmen and i hit gym after work too. i burn about 4000cal a day.

so how many scoops of huel would a need a if i have one for lunch and one for dinner and sorted my own breakfast out.

1 scoop is around 150 calories. So work out how many calories you need for your breakfast say 500, then divide what’s left amongst your 2 Huel meals. If you are trying to lose weight you’ll need to make a deficit.

sorry im new to all this so if i take way 500 from 2856 so it leave me 2356cal.

so if i have one shake with 3 scoops thats 450 cal

and a second one is 450 as well in total thats 900cal

and what ever my breakfast is adds up too

Yep that’s right, so you’d need a massive breakfast of about 1900 cal. Breakfast of champions.

I guess you could try 3 Huel meals rather than 2…I dunno if you are postman pat in a van or on a bike or walking. It may be tricky if not in a van to carry round all day.

sorry for the very late replay I have had computer problems. ( But as from Monday the 9/10/2017 I’m a Huel Newbe. and I’m ready to start my health journey and diet as well.

Hunzas I wanted to say thank u for your help last time it help me to work out how I will be doing this so thank you.

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Cool…hope. It works for you.

Thanks I just worked out Calories I need to lose 1lb a week and that’s 2398. and I’m going to use myfitness pal to log it all. and keep on track. would u have any tips for me