Help please...I'm new

I’ve just started Huel but am only having it for breakfast. What sort of meals should I be eating for lunch & dinner and will I still lose weight this way?
Thanks in advance.

The only way you will lose weight is if you eat less calories than you burn.

If you are using Huel for breakfast 3 scoops, you will be consuming about 500 calories, so you will need a lunch and evening meal of about 1000 calories combined to probably start losing weight. That’s all guesswork because I know nothing about your lifestyle.

If it was my choice on your meals I’d be eating vegan whole foods…pulses grains salads, nuts tofu seitan fruit etc.

Thank you. That is helpful. I’ve worked out my daily calorie allowance so now just have to choose wisely.
Thanks again.

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Some moderate exercise is always useful too…but you may be an athlete for all I know.

Huel for breakfast is a good start though, it is quite filling and should stop morning snacking.

This may be a good place to start:

Yes that’s how I worked out my daily calories. Unfortunately only 1000 a day isn’t much to play with and lunch today consisted of celery & carrot sticks with salsa.
I’m by no means an athlete but do try to walk as much as I can.
Any low calorie meal ideas would be appreciated. Lunch is harder as I’m at work.

Hi Tracy
I understand you are only having Huel for breakfast, but as you find Lunch a challenge would it be worth you traying Huel at lunch also ? Spread the calories you want to consume from Huel into two meals ? Personally I have found it so much easier to lunch on Huel at work, and more cost effective.

Thank you I will try that. I didn’t use to bother with breakfast at all so I might have a yoghurt or something for breakfast and the Huel for lunch.
Thanks for your help.

Hi Tracey
I’m doing 2 scoops for breakfast and 2 scoops for lunch with a banana. Keeps me going all day until dinner where I have a nice filling meal. This is helping me stick with 1500 calories a day. I’ve been doing this for a week now and not had any problems x

That sounds good. How much water do you add for 2 scoops as I’ve only made up 3 scoops so far? Sorry if that’s a stupid question but it’s still very early days for me.
Thanks for replying

I start with 400 and 3 ice cubes, give it a shake then top up to 500. I put it in the fridge overnight to help the texture x