Weight issue

Ok I began Huel in April… ( I admit i have been having some naughty treats ) but since stepping up cross fit and cardio I really thought having huel plus a healthy meal a day will help.
I since have the version 2.2 I like it 3 scoops for brekkie with coffee mixed is yummy… only I feel so hungry an hour or two after … I looked at your meal plan of a typical weightloss person and it includes huel breakfast lunch snack then have an evening meal then snack…
I am worried about eating more in addition to the calories of huel. I am broad shouldered female weight 75kg height 5"9…I want to be 69kg at LEAST! I really love huel and know I could get to my goal and look lean too but I need help with a plan I mean can I smack on couple slices of turkey mid morning before my lunch time Huel?

Many thanks in advance

There are a few of websites you might find useful. The first tells you how much you should be eating for weight loss and the second tells you about the relationship between huel and calories, and then myfitnesspal (and others) help you to track what you are eating.

And the general advice is that women shouldn’t go below 1200 calories a day, I think its 1500 for men.

So say you decided to eat 1400 calories a day, you might have two scoops of huel for breakfast (just over 300 calories), the same for lunch (another 300), 200 calories left over for snacks, and then 600 calories left over for your evening meal which you could either have ‘normal food’ or Huel.

Or another way to think of that would be that 1400 calories is just over 9 scoops of Huel and then just apportion that through the day as suits how you like to eat.

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Thankyou that’s really helpful …

I think on that plan il definitely see results!!!