Help with meal ideas

Hi all,

I’ve been eating Huel for about 6 months now and love it.

I have it for breakfast and dinner 3 scoops with 500ml water each meal, and a good helping of frozen smoothie mix from Aldi.

I eat a normal evening meal.

I cycle to work everyday, about 4 miles each way, and then in the evening do 40 minutes on my rollers on the bike.

I though with the exercise and Huel I would be loosing weight. However, I struggling to get my weight down. It’s staying the same.

I know what I need to do but it does not seem to be working.

Can anyone suggest any ideas for a healthy evening meal please? I’m not a fish fan, and salad I cannot get on with. I’m guessing I’m eating about 1000 calories of Huel for breakfast and dinner, with the scoops and fruit in it.

Any help appreciaaited.

I’m 47, 6’1”, large build, about 100kg at the moment.

I’m hoping it’s not 1000 calories for breakfast AND lunch plus a ‘normal’ dinner ??

I may be wrong but a scoop is approx 150calories … so if you were to drop it to 2 or 2 1/2 scoops per meal ??

Also it is dependent what the ‘normal’ meal is …
the cycling is excellent (I too cycle tho not quite as much as you do !)
Keep it up !!
PS I too am over 6ft !! And similar build :wink:

Here’s your problem, guessing isn’t going to cut it.

Download MyFitnessPal app and spend a week or two weighing and measuring exactly what you’re eating and drinking and log it in the app. Yep, you read it, drinking too. Those weekend pints will set you back 250 each which will easily leave any deficit built up redundant.

MyFitnessPal will also suggest a number of calories to eat for your goal (gain, lose, maintain etc). Stick to this and weigh every few days in the morning after your toilet trip but before any food and drink.

Sorry, it’s 500cals per Huel meal. So 1000 total for both meals.

3 scoops is about 420cals according to Huel site info.

This may be your downfall …

According to the Huel website … one level scoop of Vanilla 2.3 is 152 calories (approx 150?)
Not much difference but it all adds up

Worth dropping 1/2 or maybe a whole scoop per meal and see what happens … ??

I’m on 400ml and 2 and a bit scoops per meal (twice a day) this works for me
But everyone is different …

I found that the amount of Huel per scoop varies wildly. (Depending on how compacted the Huel is)

The most accurate way to estimate the kcal in Huel is to weigh your Huel portions before you make your smoothies.

One scoop can be anywhere between 30 - 60 grams according to my scales.
Which means your calorie intake may actually be higher than you think.

I would recommend following GTIPuG’s suggestion and weigh, and note down everything for a little while, to see how much you are consuming vs what you spend.

Right, digging out scales now.

This morning,

100g Huel
120g smoothie mix
1 blob pineapple and coconut flavour boost

Total 498 kcals.

So two of these a day, and a healthy evening meal. I think my main issue is snaking when I get in. As the bike riding to and from work leaves me ravenous. So I end up grabbing something unhealthy when I get in. Must stop this.

Any evening meal suggestions still welcome.


3 stone to go. Come on!

You have to watch out for those snakes … !! :joy::rofl::joy::joy:

Classic auto correct from iPhone. I find them dry without any mayo. :grinning:

No snakes yesterday.

1786kcal in food and 803kcal in exercise.

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