Newbie on Huel - help me with plan

Hi everyone!

Just received my first Huel order today,
Decided to try this out to help to lose some weight.

So, I am planning to create two different meal plan due to I got two different working shift hours as I work at NHS as hospital porter. (Lot of walking)

Plan 1 (Day shift 7am to 3pm)
Breakfast - 2 scoop of Huel with 500ml water
Lunch - Packed lunch - brown bread with meat, crisp, can of drink
Dinner - cooked food
And drinking water in between and 2 scoop of Huel with 500ml water in my break between lunch and dinner.

Plan 2 (Night shift 2pm to 10pm)
Breakfast- 2 scoop of Huel with 500ml water
Lunch - 3 scoop of Huel with 500ml water
Dinner - Packed lunch - brown bread with meat, crisp and can of drink.
And drinking water in between and break too.

Hope this is clear for you and hope you able to tell me if this is correct plan or need changing?

Quick info about me,
I am male, age - 29, 5ft 9 tall and weight nearly 15 stones.

Hope you can help with me!


Personally I find weighing Huel much better than going by volume of a scoop. That said, the only things I’d say are that crisps are horribly more-ish and loaded with salt. Maybe one of the snacks that claim to be baked rather than fried? Even better would be a handful of unsalted nuts, or a piece of fruit. Secondly, sugar free drink - as someone with diabetes it horrified me the amount of sugar in “regular” drinks! Good luck!

You say this is your first order so you might find the texture of this ratio is a bit too thin to be palatable (unless you like it like that!)

I second the advice of weighing the Huel. It’s been much easier to lose weight since I started weighing and bagging my Huel for the day.

You also certainly have more will power than me is you can plan crisps into your meal and not have it set off a whole range of cravings :slight_smile:

You’ll find huel filling at first, but you get used to it over time.

Don’t be afraid to mix in coffee granules, cinnamon etc to diversify the flavour.

But yeah, I’m sure you already know how bad a can of drink and crisps are, but I’ve worked on my feet before too and know they can be necessary.

Just keep in mind that 2 scoops is only 350ish calories, if your body is used to more you may struggle.

Its a little tricky to say if your plan is correct. One thing I can say for sure is that you should aim to plan your food intake around a calorie goal.
Also based on your job it seems that you would be burning a fair amount of calories at work so even if its a crude estimation maybe use your smart phone to track your activity levels over a week to get an average.

Then head over to a calculator site such as and plug in your info. This will then give you a realistic calorie goal for losing weight gradually. Use it every few few weeks and tweak your intake accordingly.

Try a food tracking app like myfitnesspal to log your food, this is handy as it can scan barcodes for everyday items, log your weight, activity etc.
This will ultimately help you keep track of what your consuming and will allow you to build meals to meet your targets.

Weighing out the Huel is more accurate than scooping, but if you are not anal like me then so be it lol! (I literally measure to the gram, I know I’m sad)

Lastly you have good starting point which is the fact that your job keeps you active and you cannot avoid being active because its part of your job (unlike me I spend most of the day sat on my cushioned derrière) Hence why I think its important for you to work out your activity level and calorie goals otherwise you will probably eat way under a typicall 500 - 750 cal deficit and will most likely feel crap because of it.

Other than that Good Luck!