Newbe Help!

Ive just ordered my first order, the £45 one,
can anyone give me a very simple guide from day 1!!
I like things right to the point, my aim is to loose 1.5 stone and have a healthier diet, vegan also interests me.

How many meals do you want to replace with Huel?
What time scale do you want to lose the weight?
Are you doing any other exercise?
What are your stats, Age, weight, height, gender as this will decide how many calories you need to consume.

An easy guide is to replace 2 meals with Huel and a main healthy evening meal. I have 3 scoops in the shaker and 500ml of water, good shake and refrigerate for a couple of hours or overnight for the best results. The bars are also good as a snack (I replace my lunch with them and have fruit with it). You can add flavours or a spoon full of coffee, there a few ideas on here to read through.

Thanks for the help, i’m just aiming to improve my diet and eat less meat, not none just less, ease the digestion and feel less bloated hopefully, i have a belly thats majority bloated as it shrinks fairly easy if i improve my diet.
I run and Cycle so am fairly healthy but i need to loose weight as i’m 42 & 6ft tall and 15st, i’m aiming for 13.5st.
I was thinking the same, replace breakfast and lunch as these are my big week points as i’m a very busy person, then have a nice evening meal. I’m lucky as i like just about all food’s so the flavour thing isn’t an issue as long as i feel fairly full, i hate feeling hungry.
Do you think 3 x scoops and 500 ml of water will be enough twice a day? Do i just make it then consume straight away?
Thanks in advance.

I usually have a Huel shake for breakfast (or porridge) and a Huel bar and fruit for lunch and a healthy tea unless I’m working a 12 hour day shift then it will be porridge for breakfast (or shake if I’m on the bike), Huel bar and fruit for lunch and shake for tea.
I have 3 scoops (100g) and 500ml water and a flavour in it refrigerated overnight or a couple of hour to thicken it up a bit.
You can make it the night before and it will keep for a day or 2 easily if in the fridge. I also have Huel bars at work for a snack if I’m particularly hungry.
I started losing weigh around 3 years ago, I was 13.5 stone at 5’10" and had a drinking weekend at Newcastle and felt bloated all weekend, I lost 2 stone before that summer and now at 11 stone and eat plenty of meat and have pizza, chocloate, chips, beer etc but in moderation.

I use it 3 scoops (well 100g) and 500ml twice a day and an evening meal…but sometimes only once a day and an evening meal. I don’t eat particularly early in the morning, even though I am normally up and about early, but I work from home and can eat when I want.

I don’t normally feel hungry on those ratios unless I am doing some prolonged physical activity.

So far so good, 3 x scoops for breakfast and lunch just remember not to try the curry one again as something went wrong!! I love curry but that was disgusting.