Good morning all.

My first order of Huel arrived yesterday. I remember from experience with protein shakes that they taste better when chilled so I mixed mine up last night ready for breakfast. I added 100 grams. As far as taste goes it wasn’t too bad. I’ve had ones before that tasted awful. I don’t feel full but will be replacing my breakfasts for a shake and see how it goes with a view to then have one for lunch too. Looking forward to chatting to you all.

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Welcome to the rabble Michael :slight_smile:

Thank you. It’s a weird feeling having not had any breakfast but 100grams huel and not feeling hungry. I’ll def be investing in a blender and adding some fruit for flavour. My goal is to lose just over a stone.

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Hi, and welcome.

The way I look at it, a typical bowl of cereal or dry porridge is probably around 40g, so there’s a reasonable amount there in terms of raw bulk for breakfast. Although throughout the morning its the energy content that keeps you satiated I suppose.

Hi Michael! Welcome to the forum, you will find a wealth of information here and on our website - link at top of page. Hit the search feature too if you have a query as chances are we’ve talked about it! If you have any specific questions regarding orders then don’t hesitate to email

p.s. If you tell your friends about Huel, remember it isn’t a protein shake :wink:

Cool thanks

So far I’ve had 100grams for breakfast just with water. For lunch I had 2 ham sandhwiches and for dinner I’ve tried a huel again I had 100 grams with some frozen fruit and it tasted really good. I’m still hungry though. Should I be consuming more huel? I’m 6ft tall and 14.2 stone and would like to lose some weight but in a healthy way. Any suggestions on what to do? I’m certainly not getting a full feeling from what I’ve been having. Look forward to hearing your suggestions.

Many thanks

I’d estimate the calorie intake of the food you listed comes to around 1200 calories.

At your height and weight I’d guess you should be consuming around 2000 calories a day to lose about 1lb a week. So you could have 2 more Huel shakes a day. You should use an online calculator, such as on to be certain though.

It kinda depends on how active you are, how many slices of bread you have, how much ham, any toppings… and so on :wink:

But yeah, assuming you’re moderately active what ElectroDan says sounds about right. Knock about 200 calories off that if you don’t get much exercise. I think 100g of huel powder is about 410 calories off the top of my head?

Same as others have said. You need to be consuming 2000 calories a day. If you don’t, you are likely to feel hungry.

Hello guys sorry for the late reply works gone a bit crazy now. I’ve not taken any more since. My smoothie maker wasn’t big enough so just ordered a salter smoothie maker with a ltr capacity. So looking forward to getting that and starting again. Although I am away for Xmas and New Years so may wait until I’m back and properly start then. What smoothie makers do you guys use?

I started with a kenwood smoothie2go and made up individual shakes. But months and months down the line - a year?? I bought a basic Tesco upright blender and just blitz my days worth altogether and then pour into my bottles of choice - top up with water and refrigerate.

I’m using a 2.2 litre bottle from bulkpowders, if I drink a good bit straight off I can just about get all 500g mixed up into it so my entire day into one bottle.

I lack the self control for that. I need mine portioned up. I then watch the clock. Sometimes I’m so busy I don’t realise I’m past my chosen Huel time but mostly I’m ready for it when it’s time.
I have a wee fridge in my cab so it’s very chilled when I’m ready for it.