First impression

Hey guys I did a bit of reading and research on here before purchasing Huel, and the idea of it is truly great. I’m a vegetarian and it can be hard to keep a balanced diet sometimes but I thought it was definitely worth a try.
Anyway I ordered Huel yesterday, it just came an hour ago and I had my first Huel lunch today, Vanilla flavour, 3 scoops 5 parts water as recommended.

I’m about 6ft3, and I do regular exercise so I was really impressed with the protein count on top of everything else, but I do have a huge appetite and honestly, Huel has just filled me up!

I mainly just wanted to say that I really love the Vanilla but still savory taste, it’s very fulfilling to drink and I even enjoy the little lumps oddly enough. I was going to ask if anyone has tried 4 scoops per serving if I was just going to replace one meal a day for the time being.

Thanks for this great product it’s exactly what I have been looking for.

So glad that you are having a great experience on Huel! 4 scoops of Huel would give you about 623kcal. So it really depends on how much you need per day. I usually have about 1000kcal for lunch as I’m try to regain some weight. This is about 240g of Huel (6.4 scoops according to my calculations!). It really depends on your goals! What does everyone else think?

I’m not entirely sure about my daily calorie intake but I definitely do usually eat around 4 food meals a day (all healthy)
I’m not looking to lose or gain weight, just maintain and hopefully put on an extra bit of muscle when I get the time to work out. For now I think I’ll try 4 scoops for breakfast with maybe 4 parts water instead. How much water do you mix with your 6.4 scoops? I feel like a thicker consistency wouldn’t bother me, I’d like to see if I’d actually prefer it - I’ll try this out tomorrow :slightly_smiling:

If you want to add some muscle, I would definitely recommend you consume a surplus of calories. Increased calorie consumption has frequently been shown to be the key factor in muscular hypertrophy. With mine I split it in 2 and mix each 120g with about 400ml of water, this gives it a nice thick consistency. This keeps me fuller as I consume it over a longer time and it’s thicker! Thicker is better I think!