My experience with Huel

Hi All,

I’m probably one of your target markets. Fairly inactive software developer looking for a convenient way of improving my diet.

My gear arrived yesterday, cheers for the t-shirt (saves me washing up for an extra day!). Am aiming to use it for 3 meals for the week, but it probably won’t happen over the weekend.

My long term goal is to use it for 2 meals a day, but I am intrigued to see if it would sustain me for 3 meals a day.

Have done the calcs and I need 10 scoops a day to promote a 0.5kg weight loss. Although the weight loss would be nice, it isn’t the most important reason for me using Huel, my diet is awful, always snacking whilst working, so hopefully this will aid me with that.

Don’t normally have a breakfast, so had half my breakfast shake. It tastes quite sweet, almost like weetabix with sugar. There was a slight powdery aftertaste. I have maybe put that down to my first shake being quite thick (as it was in the firdge overnight), so have added some water and when I have some more later, I will see if it’s down to that. The taste itself seems fine though.

Will keep the topic updated as I go on


@AndrewBerry Hi Andrew, thanks for sharing your initial thoughts! Huel is great for allocating calories easily, and many people do comment on how much fuller they feel when on Huel. Let us know how you get on with regards to that. I find myself that I snack way more when I don’t have breakfast, and am generally less satisfied with food, so by having Huel for breakfast, it can be a great and easy way to stave off snacking, and get into a good regime for the day! As for the powdery aftertaste - have you tried blending Huel in an electric blender? That might help? As for flavour, you might be interested to know we have an unflavoured/unsweetened version coming out soon to try. As I said, definitely update us on your progress!

I did blend it initially in a shaker. I am shaking by hand for lunch so will note the differences.

It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I have never used supplementary protein shakes before or anything like that, so it may just be something I need to get used to. The consistency was good, so I don’t think it was to do with the mix, i’ll keep an eye out for it, it could be just that it was my first one.

The flavour was fine. I’m planning to use coffee syrups for flavourings over the weekend, and may try cordial too, just for a bit of variety.

Currently haven’t snacked on anything yet today (despite muffins being passed around the office!) and I don’t feel hungry with an hour to go til lunch. Haven’t had any luls in energy either so all good on that front at this early stage.

Will keep this thread updated. Am planning a week exclusively on Huel, but not sure I won’t have tea at the weekends.

Well, just started my lunch shake and have had some issues.

When mixing using the shaker, some powder clumped in the lid and there are quite a few lumps. I tried to follow the instructions on the video that Julian has done, but it hasn’t worked out well for me.

Again, getting the chalkiness, but with the clumps that’s explainable. I guess I will get another bottle and mix 2 bottles worth the night before/in the morning.

Still, haven’t snacked and have felt fine, no real hunger pangs. This shake may not be the best, but can get over that for today and ensure tomorrow goes smoother

@AndrewBerry Sorry you haven’t got on so well with mixing with your shaker Andrew, but glad you are feeling full on Huel and perhaps you’ll have to continue blending in the morning. How many scoops are you putting in your shaker at once? If it’s more than 3 scoops to a shaker it can be at risk of not mixing very well. Let us know how you get on in the long term!

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@AndrewBerry If your previous diet was bad, you will almost certainly feel a lot better on Huel.

@SophieMarketingHuel Its not a hassle blending 2 lots is enough as my blender can fit breakfast and lunch in one go, so its no hindrance.

@Marcus Yeah only day one but all good so far with 3 meals. Well 2 and a half so far as I have half at home left. Not felt hungry at all today, and no lul in energy either. Although had less than 1500 calories with 9 scoops so the weight will drop off haha

So morning 2 is underway. An early start at work today, but blended breakfast and lunch last night no no consistency issues.

My only real thought is how filling the shake seems to be. Maybe it’s because it thinkens in the fridge overnight but I had no hunger pangs at all yesterday, and for the lunch and dinner shakes, they were more continual sips for a few hours rather than a traditional meal which may take some getting used to, just from a mental point of view as it’s a change in usual habits.

But feeling fine so far, I expect it will take longer for the other benefits people have mentioned to take affect (more energy etc) but all good so far.

Apologies for the lack of updates, EE have busted my broadband at home!

The last few days I have found myself having a “proper” meal for tea. On Thursday after my early start I ended up working late and was starving and didn’t have any huel with me. On Saturday, I went to the pub in the evening and didn’t want a few drinks on Huel alone, and on Sunday I was a little hungover haha.

Apologies if I get graphic but I have noticed my poo was quite runny. Not diarrhea, but still quite runny. Am also using 7 scoops instead of 6 for my breakfash and lunch shakes combined.

Bar the cold I have, feeling good though and as I am only using it for 2 meals mostly, I still have quite a bit left :smiley:

Not really noticed other benefits yet, but i’m putting it down to hangover/cold.

So have hit a week with mostly huel now. Have had 2 Full Huel days and the other days have been 2 Huels a day.

Overall it’s been going well. The primary objective is working, i’m not snacking at work. I have only just opened my 2nd bag as well, so it’s good I am getting 2 weeks worth for my £45.

I will definitely be ordering some more. Have lost just over half a kilo too (and my “solid” meals haven’t been super healthy) which is a nice bonus. I guess I am fortunate that on my fully huel days I can generate quite a large calorie deficit (I can consume 1300-1400 calories and be content).

Benefits - Hard to fully tell as I have a bit of a cold at the moment, but:

  • Waking up with more energy
  • No snacking at work. I have a whole pack of biccies that have been left unopened for a week!
  • Some weight loss (added bonus)
  • No energy luls at work

Not really any downsides, bar the odd bowel movements at the start (seems to be more normal now, must have been the body getting used to the different diet). I am seemingly fine with the flavour too, and blending it takes 2 minutes of my time for breakfast and lunch.

One other thing I have noticed is I am sometimes getting a slight bit of leakage from the shaker bottle, even though the lid is on tight. Any thoughts? Or am I just overfilling it?


@AndrewBerry Hi Andrew, great that you are getting on well with Huel. It looks like you are seeing benefits despite the cold! As for the leaking shaker, I have found that sometimes when mixing Huel in the shaker some drips down from the lid if you open it and then when you replace the lid a bit of liquid is on the outside of the lid (if that makes sense!) but not sure…that shouldn’t be happening. Has anyone else experienced this??

@AndrewBerry Hope you don’t mind I’ve used a quote from you on facebook/ twitter (not your full name!)

Of course not, feel free!

I make my shakes quite thick in a blender then pour out into the plastic huel flask, but sometimes later add water to dilute it, filling above the line of the flask up into the lid & had no leaks that I’ve seen; I even put the thick blend in my bag on the way to work so I can dilute it a bit if I want at work - no lumps, that way.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Life has just gotten in the way!

So I have found that during the week, I religiously have 2 shakes a day when I am at work, but at home, I am having 1, or even no shakes. Not for any reason apart from I do most the cooking, so generally cook myself breakfast/lunch at the same time as i’m sorting the better half’s food. I think if I lived alone, I would use this for all my meals, or at least all my breakfast/lunches. I still do have the odd fully huel days and they are fine, I just like food.

The weight loss has subsided, which is probably combined as I have seemingly craved more huel for the weekdays, now using 8 scoops instead of 7 for 2 shakes. Have had no real issues with the shaker and leaking as of late, so must have just been a one off thing.

Overall there isn’t really much more to say. I don’t snack at work, which has fuelled a modest weight loss (Probably around 1.5kg, but not religiously weighing myself). I feel fine at work, it gets me through the day with no hunger pangs.

I think the point of Huel is that it can replace your meals with no discernable difference. I have noticed differences as my diet is healthier. But yeah, it has very easily come habit to make my shakes the night before (or if not, in the morning) and there isn’t any real noticable difference in any aspect, bar my pee smelling like popcorn (which form what I have read is due to the vanilla flavouring, I believe).

I prefer using it to actual food at lunches (there was one day I had a solid lunch as I was out of huel) and I had the lul in energy and ate the biscuits that had been unopened for the 2 weeks of huel :frowning:

The only thing I have noticed is that sometimes I have been drinking less water so have been slightly dehydrated. Not to the degree that it harms, just a darkish yellow pee which reminds me to drink water. Sometimes my poo is runny too, mainly after the weekends of solid food, but that sorts itself out by Tuesday (apologies again for the poo chat)

Once the flavour packs are available, I will try them just out of curiosity, but I have had no issues with the flavour. I spoke initially about maybe using syrups to mix the flavour up, but have felt no need to do so.

I ordered my 2nd “weekly” batch last week (but they last me about 2 and a bit weeks) and will continue to order huel. Might even treat myself to another shaker bottle too. :smiley:

I know it’s an unremarkable update, but that’s the point. My goal was to use Huel to cut out my snacking, and it has eliminated it full stop with no real struggle or effort and although I haven’t changed completely to Huel (as I attempted to initially for a while), it has certainly become a positive aspect in my life.

I’ll probably update this if anything significant happens, but it’s become habit now so I don’t think there will be more to add (unless I notice any longer term effects)


@AndrewBerry Thanks for the update, sounds like everything is settling down nicely. Great to hear about the lack of snacking etc - all very good info for potential customers thinking about trying Huel. It is really that easy to get into!

The popcorn wee certainly brightens up my day a little :smile:

Just another note, my 1 weeks worth of supply generally last me about 2 1/2 weeks, in case others are replacing breakfast and lunch. Obviously depends on the number of scoops you use etc, but it’s a good ball park for people.

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