It's growing on me

Hi! I’m a Huel newbie and since this is day 3 for me I thought I share my experience with Huel since nobody has ever done that before… (read: sarcasme, practically read every story on this forum by now, lol)

I must honestly say: I hated my first shake. However, it’s growing on me. I applied some of the tips I read on this forum like: leave your shake in the fridge for the night and blend it with a blender and that certainly helps. By now I don’t find it hard to drink (or should I say ‘eat’?) my shakes and I’m very enthusiastic about Huel .

For the first time I’m experiencing a morning without massive hunger. I’m probably one of very few people who actually does not like to eat. The only meal I like is the one in the evening with my family due to the social aspect but overall I think eating is a waste of my time. Thank god there is Huel now…

I’m replacing my breakfast and lunch with Huel and this gives me the time to feed my very hungry 10-month old baby. The first day it gave me a mild headache but that went away and I haven’t had any other symptoms from Huel at all so, smooth start so far. Also lost some weight already, I wasn’t aiming for this but you don’t hear me complain :slight_smile:

I haven’t experimented with any flavours or adding coffee to it like some people do but when I get bored with vanilla I probably will so stay tuned for more…


I’d really recommend the box of sample flavours. Some of them are very subtle, but some have a massive effect on the taste. I’ve already ordered 3 flavours off the back of that box.

Do you mix the flavour in your bag or in each shake?

In each shake. The ones in the sample box are only about a teaspoon each anyway. I suppose you could mix more into the powder but I wouldn’t want to be stuck with one flavour for a whole bag. I like variety :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are whole threads on flavouring Huel…just use the search function top right to find them… I think it is fair to say that Branston Pickle flavour is not a winner.


Yeah that’s why I asked. I’ve read from another person that they put the flavour in the bag so they didn’t have to add it in each shake which is easier to take to work I imagine.

Too bad the sample set doesn’t contain the strawberry flavour. I was really curious about that one.

Strawberry was discontinued because most people hate it… The smell was overwhelming

Edit: The “improved” Strawberry was discontinued because it didn’t go down well. I believe they are planning to re-release it. I still have some of the old Strawberry and always thought it was fine.

I’ve just ordered the flavour sample set. Can’t wait to try it!

Also made my batch for tomorrow for the entire day since I have to work tomorrow. I’d like to leave my shakes in the fridge overnight but that also means I have to carry the premade bottles to work…

Any tips?

When I first started eating vegan I hated soy milk. Thought it was so disgusting. But now I love it. I think it’s mostly just getting used to a new taste. Once you associate the taste with why you’re doing it, it because something you crave. IMO. And being a vegan for over 22 years has made me acquire a taste for lots of stuff I thought wasn’t tasty at first.

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So I got my flavour sample set today.

The first flavour I tried was Matcha. But to be honest, I found it disgusting…

After that I made a safe choice and choose the chocolate flavour which was a whole lot better!

I guess Matcha is not for me…

Can anyone tell me what Matcha exactly is? What is it suppose to taste like?

Its some kind of herb I think. Im not a fan either lol

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I thought it tastes like wheatgrass

Oh, it’s green tea apparently!

It’s a type of green tea from Japan. It has this subtil flower s pot water! Lol , green herbal taste with a bitter taste by the end.
Me, I just love it but would be keen adding directing a spoon of real matcha in the shake.

For breakfast today I mixed 1 scoop vanilla, 2 scoops unflavoured and unsweetened and a teaspoon banana flavour and it was the best Huel I’ve had so far!!

I didn’t like matcha either. It’s everywhere at the moment - but not in my cupboard!

I take pre-made Huel to work, I find it much easier to whizz up a batch the night before. On work days have a Huel for breakfast then I take my lunchtime Huel in a thermos. (This also avoids my colleagues constantly commenting on my lunch choices, which gets wearing after a while).

I have too many demands on my time in the morning so Huel means I actually get breakfast, instead of skipping it then eating crap when I’m ravenous at 11am. Plus it’s filling so much less urge to snack!


A thermos? Oh that’s a good idea!

I’ve had several comments from my colleagues as well. Some are curious, some think I’m starving myself which is definitely not true because I’ve never been less hungry then with Huel.

Huel as breakfast saves you a lot of time indeed. When I ate a normal breakfast I would still be very very hungry at 11 o’clock. I never made it till lunch time until I started using Huel.

Is it better with real Matcha then? Or is Matcha just an acquired taste?

So day 11 for me now. So far I really like Huel and my body did not really complain about the change.

I’ve noticed my skin is getting clear and looks very healthy, I’m guessing that’s because of all the vitamins.

I’ve tested several flavours by now but I think I’m still a ‘plain vanilla’ kind of girl. The thickness of the UU and the vanilla seems to be slightly different so it’s difficult to get the thickness right for me if I mix those two.

I’m also thinking about switching to 2 scoops per shake since 3 for breakfast and then again 3 for lunch is getting a real task to consume. I’m just hoping that does not leave me hungry but we shall see…